Kiriko Sashiko Indigo Clutch with Leather Details
Kiriko Indigo Clutch with Leather Details

Kiriko Sashiko Leather Clutch Indigo

Sashiko (meaning “little stabs”) originated as a utilitarian material: fabric was strengthened with stitches to rein- force points of wear and extend the life of a garment. Kiriko's sashiko features a stitching throughout creating a unique texture that is paired with high quality US sourced leather. Each piece is sewn in Portland, with US made brass zippers and lined with rail stripe canvas. The outer tab can be used to keep your essentials easily accessible.

Modern sashiko fabric from Japan
Genuine leather bottom
Striped canvas lining
Genuine leather tassel
Size: 12″ x 8.5"

Hand-sewn in Portland, OR