Beats & Burn July Playlist

Beats & Burn July Playlist

Beats & Burn Monthly Playlist Series  

Beats & Burn July Playlist by Bridge & Burn on Mixcloud

We've teamed up with Portland based, independent radio station,, to create a monthly playlist called: Beats & Burn. DJ's at create a playlist and we connect with artists to design cover art inspired by the mix.

This month's playlist was created by Theo Craig, Art Director at PDX Pop Now! and host of the radio show, Take It To The Bridge!. Theo got into music by putting together concerts in Alaska for his friends and he slid right into a radio position at Seattle's KEXP-FM post-college. After five years there, he says, "I worked with and met so many inspiring people in the industry, there was no turning back.” Now in Portland, you can find him Thursdays from 4-6pm on and playing with the heavy instrumental band, Máscaras

Cole Gerst an award winning art director, graphic designer, illustrator, painter, and good friend of Bridge & Burn, designed this month's album cover. Cole was the first in house art director at the House of Blues, and is well known for his concert poster work for the likes of Beck, Modest Mouse, The Shins, and more. He currently runs his own design studio and his recent work can be found at option-g