The Hibiscus Print: Bridge & Burn's Spring '19 Custom Pattern

The Hibiscus Print: Bridge & Burn's Spring '19 Custom Pattern

With the launch of our Spring/Summer collection underway, we've begun to bid adieu to our warmer winter pieces and open our pale, rain-kissed arms to brighter colors, lighter-weight fabrics and cooler styles. It's time to shine a bit of sunlight on those haven't-seen-the-light-of-day-in-10-months areas, and it's also probably wise to start applying sunscreen now before it's too late.

Of course, every season we strive to not only offer our core staple pieces—ever so refined year-to-year—but also some new and exciting items to freshly grace the Bridge & Burn clothing racks. But we have to be honest with you, our Spring/Summer 2019 collection might just be our most exciting, our most vibrant and our most flavorful collection we've ever released (and we've been in the business for a decade). Amongst this diverse array of summer-friendly colors and fabrics, we are excited to unveil a new textile design exclusive to us: the Hibiscus Print. Made just for us by artist and long-time friend, Joel Scherzer, the Hibiscus Print exemplifies the fresh floral vibes of Portland's warmer (and arguably better) months that we so strongly yearn for.

It's hard to believe that our first and only other custom print was made six long years ago, which makes the Hibiscus Print an even more exciting highlight in the SS '19 collection. Our biggest goal was to have an organic floral print that would work for a broad audience (because hey, men need to wear flowers too), and knew no better person to achieve this than our talented friend, Joel. In his words, it all started with a loose interpretation of a dog biscuit (because #KeepPortlandWeird) crossed with a more traditional floral pattern. Drawn digitally, Joel took inspiration from a batik print made by his mother in his treatment of the lines and shapes; softening each puzzle piece into a distressed mark to give the pattern a worn-in feel.

From there, our lead designer refined and formatted the pattern to best suit the fabric and garments on which the design would exist. Careful attention was paid to the precise size and location of each design element, and the Pantone colors chosen had to be just perfect to allow a harmonious relationship between the artwork and colors to flourish. The artwork was then sent off for sampling and more careful examination before it ultimately moved forward into the final production stage.

We are proud to offer the Hibiscus Print in a variety of styles that celebrate serious summer vibes, including a few our best-selling pieces, like our men and women's short sleeve button-up Harbor and Bea shirts. The Hibiscus Print is also featured on our women's Loren dress —another fan-favorite style—which will become an obvious go-to dress this summer.

As always, we hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we enjoyed making them.