SS15 | Satsuki Shibuya x Bridge & Burn

Having to overcome obstacles is key to shaping one's self. Lifelong artist, Satsuki Shibuya recently found peace in her struggle with health through the creative medium of watercolor painting, transforming her way of communicating with the universe. After only a year, she is launching her first solo exhibition called Into the Light in Madrid, Spain. 

We gave her free reign to to chose her favorite pieces and interpret our Spring 15 line. She tells us her story, how she takes intangible feelings, spiritual communications and the story of her life, and transforms them to something tangible through art. 

"When first approached for the collaboration with Bridge & Burn, something intuitively told me that it would be great project to work on. I thrive in situations where I am entrusted full creative freedom and with the philosophy of Bridge & Burn being about designing classic, timeless and understated pieces, it felt that aesthetic consciousness came from a similar place." - Satsuki Shibuya

Read Satuski's full interview here.

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