Otter Wax Spruce Cologne Solid

Otter Wax Spruce Cologne Solid

Traditional cologne is a liquid that can be sprayed or dabbed on, but cologne solids offer many benefits. Solids last longer than their liquid counterparts because they don't easily and quickly evaporate like a spray, the scent develops slower over time allowing the deeper notes to come out and react with your own body's temperature and chemistry. Spruce is an aromatic representation of the woodlands, a portrayal that speaks as much to the well-worn path as it does to earth, roots, and boughs.

This scent is structured on a foundation of conifer, first introduced through the effervescence of Bergamot, Sweet Orange and Black Pepper. Dominated by Virginian Cedarwood, the fragrance is tempered by the complexities of Vetiver and Fir Needle, smoothed by the richness of Sandalwood. This scent is masculine by nature, but suitable for all.

Ingredients: Beeswax, shea butter, vetiver (vetiveria zizanioides) essential oil, virginian cedarwood (juniperus virginiana) essential oil, sri lankan black pepper (piper nigrum) essential oil, bergamot (citrus bergamia) essential oil, valencia orange (citrus sinensis) essential oil, douglas fir needle (pseudotsuga douglasii) essential oil, lime (citrus aurantifolia) essential oil, sandalwood (santalum spicatum) essential oil.

1 oz

Made in Portland, OR.