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Desert & Denim II

We had the good fortune last February to be part of the very first Desert & Denim Renegade Trade Show hosted by Juniper Ridge in Joshua Tree California, where we joined like minded individuals and brands for a two day extravaganza. 

Desert & Denim is the world’s premier, renegade men's apparel and accessories trade show. An international maker's carnival of designers and ground-breaking brands that gather in the desert, discussing what’s next in the world of men’s apparel around the bourbon campfire until the early hours of the morning. They invite only the best of the new wave of men’s rugged, high quality, workshop-made clothes and accessories, and what has happened as a result is the emergence of a new kind of tribe, a new kind of community.

We are all headed back for another round of good times February 17th and 18th. The only way for people outside the industry to participate is to buy tickets is on Kickstarter. They are only allowing a certain amount of visitors access to the event, so grab 'em while they last!

Beats & Burn August Playlist

Beats & Burn Cover Art - Jordan Domont

Beats & Burn August Playlist by Bridge & Burn on Mixcloud

We've teamed up with Portland-based independent radio station,, to create a monthly playlist called: Beats & Burn. DJs at create a playlist and we connect with artists to design cover art inspired by the mix. This August installment features music compiled by DJ Cooky Parker and fine artist, Jordan Domont.

With a strong ear for rhythm and an ever expanding record collection teeming with rare gems and unstoppable beats, Cooky Parker has made it his mission to never let up and to always serve the dance floor with taste and style. Never static, Parker is constantly searching, learning, absorbing and most importantly, listening. With a focus squarely on finding the most infectious records of the late 50’s and early 60’s, a near obsessive desire to discover every incredible 12" single of the Post-disco era, and a deep love of modern hip hop/r&b and club music, DJ Cooky Parker remains at once firmly rooted yet teetering on the edge. His edict “I promise to make you dance” is surely true and one need only to attend one of the many residencies he has built and grown in the city of Portland to believe it. Catch his weekly show The Mess Around on Saturdays at 2pm.

Jordan Domont is a nationally recognized painter and illustrator. To infuse depth and luminosity into his work, Jordan employs a palette of punchy hues. While experimenting, he discovered that when inks layer heavily onto Mylar, it creates a rich, almost melted effect. Pigments become slightly volatile, even mercurial, and their behavior enlivens the entire process. Jordan likes to explore how different amalgams of color work together, because it sure trumps sitting back and watching paint dry.

Beats & Burn July Playlist

Beats & Burn Monthly Playlist Series  

Beats & Burn July Playlist by Bridge & Burn on Mixcloud

We've teamed up with Portland based, independent radio station,, to create a monthly playlist called: Beats & Burn. DJ's at create a playlist and we connect with artists to design cover art inspired by the mix.

This month's playlist was created by Theo Craig, Art Director at PDX Pop Now! and host of the radio show, Take It To The Bridge!. Theo got into music by putting together concerts in Alaska for his friends and he slid right into a radio position at Seattle's KEXP-FM post-college. After five years there, he says, "I worked with and met so many inspiring people in the industry, there was no turning back.” Now in Portland, you can find him Thursdays from 4-6pm on and playing with the heavy instrumental band, Máscaras

Cole Gerst an award winning art director, graphic designer, illustrator, painter, and good friend of Bridge & Burn, designed this month's album cover. Cole was the first in house art director at the House of Blues, and is well known for his concert poster work for the likes of Beck, Modest Mouse, The Shins, and more. He currently runs his own design studio and his recent work can be found at option-g




Ryan Plett x Bridge & Burn

Look 1: Loren Indigo Dress, Columbiaknit BURN Sweatshirt, Westerlind Hat

Misty mornings, sand dollar hunting, tip toeing in and out of the grey blue waves. Trips to the Oregon Coast don't always entail jumping in for a swim, but rather breathing in the salt water air, soaking in the view of the rolling coastal fog caught by the hillside across.

A day trip, an overnight tent expedition, or a mini vacation at a beach home; we've done all three, and Ryan Plett caught our most recent trip there so beautifully. 

Ryan Plett has been an inspiration to Bridge & Burn since the beginning. We brought him out from NYC to experience the Oregon Coast for the first time and to create this lookbook with model Nata Sarafinchan, at Hug Point, just a few miles South from Cannon Beach. 

Look 2: Isabel Striped Top, Lyle Linen Tank Top, Lily Black Skirt

Look 3: Raleigh Navy Top, Luca Black Shorts

Look 4: Ramsey Jacket, Lyra Olive Dress