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Emmadime x Bridge & Burn October 16 2014

On Brianna: Lily Grey Skirt, On Emma: Colter Navy Floral Dress.

We were thrilled to have designer & blogger Emma Roberston of Emmadime select and style some of her favorite Fall 14 pieces. She spent the day with good friend Bri Scarff and hit up a couple of her favorite San Francisco locations. First stop was Ampersand SF a new, beautifully curated flower shop in The Mission. Their second stop was Billy Goat Hill, which (as you can see by the pictures) has some amazing city views.

Scroll through the whole gallery and read more about their day here

Photos by Ashley Batz.

On Emma: Bea Navy Floral Top, On Brianna: Warbler Burgundy


Bridge & Burn + Of A Kind October 07 2014

Bridge & Burn had the privilege to collaborate with Of A Kind to offer a limited edition Waxed Warbler. Exclusive to Of A Kind, the coal waxed colorway is perfect for the fall and winter months. The Warbler silhouette will never go out of style and is made in a fabric that will protect you from the elements and only gets better with age. 

Click here to purchase the Coal Waxed Warbler. If you didn't get it in time, check out our other Warbler styles here on the site

Of A Kind also shared our list of most delicious stuff in Portland and an inside look to our 5 design principles that fuel the success of our brand. 

Bridge & Burn Fall '14 Launch Party October 07 2014

Join us at our 2014 Fall Launch Party to celebrate the release of our new collection. 

When: Thursday, Oct. 9th, 5:30 - 8:30PM
Why: We've just released our fall collection and we like to celebrate!


Look forward to special deals, raffle prizes, music, free food, and drinks provided by Gigantic Brewing and New Deal Distillery

Bridge Burners vol. 5 - Keighty Gallagher / Tight Club September 23 2014

Alleyways in east Vancouver, BC, are not typically places where you want to hang out, let alone work out. Just off Main and Hastings—a corner infamous for addiction and homelessness— butting up against Chinatown, the Strathcona neighborhood is one of Vancouver’s oldest, and has historically been one of its grittiest. It’s exactly where Keighty Gallagher set out to establish her business, Tight Club Athletics.

“You’ll have a Chinese family pushing their baby stroller, crossing paths with a prostitute, and 12 sporty babes running by—and it ain’t no thang,” she says. “It’s cool that way.”

On any given day, the detached two-car garage she lives above—aptly named “the Coach House”—is packed with sweating women, in a part of the city where many of these ladies might never otherwise set foot. Anyone familiar with the neighborhood knows this is an impressive feat.

Even more impressive? Keighty has managed to get Vancouver’s too-cool creative class excited about fitness. Like, really excited. Her 12-person classes—with names like Booty Luv, Morning Glory and Tight Jam Tabatas—book up weeks in advance; last year she designed a capsule collection for Lululemon; Nike has her on their radar; she’s been featured by national media.

Click to read more.

Stockist Profile: Individual Medley, Los Angeles September 11 2014

Monica and Justin’s charming Los Angeles store provides locals and tourists with an eclectic selection of noteworthy, high quality products. Individual Medley is the go-to destination in Atwater Village when you’re searching for a gift, especially if you're looking for locally made items that are one-of-a-kind. They carry everything from clothing for him and her to jewelry, hats, candles, fragrances, soaps, ceramics, and more. Monica gave us the inside scoop on their shop and the Atwater Village neighborhood.

Neighborhood: Atwater Village

Tell us the Individual Medley backstory: The Individual Medley name was chosen to honor the wide-ranging products we carry and the individuals that make those products. It was also inspired by the swimming competition Justin used to race in, also called the Individual Medley. Our logo was greatly inspired by the design of the swimming pool. The “I” stretches along each lane, and crosses mark the ends of each lane for swimmers to tap during the race. Justin swam competitively for 17 years, and the Individual Medley was his best race. Inspiration from our life combined with our business plans brought us to this name.

What tunes are on regular rotation in your shop? Boardwalk, Beach House, Mac Demarco, Father John Misty, Wilco, and Fleetwood Mac.

What’s the best thing about doing business in your hood? We love the community and have so many awesome friends living in the neighborhood. We also have Proof Bakery a few doors down - I am there every day for coffee and/or pastries!

What’s another must-visit spot in your hood?  Griffith Observatory!

What’s your fave Bridge & Burn piece (and why)? I love the Colter in Blue Chambray - It’s so comfortable and a classic staple in my wardrobe.

Describe your ideal LA weekend: Morning hike and breakfast at Sqirl, followed by a trip to the beach with the dogs, snacks and wine, and then a dinner outside with friends!

Photos of the Individual Medley store taken by Chantal Anderson.

Meredith Adelaide + Bridge & Burn Fall 14 September 09 2014

Artist Meredith Adelaide has many pursuits. Like many of our entrepreneurial friends, she left behind one path (or two, or three) to pursue her true creative passions.

You may recognize her from our Spring 14 Sauvie Island shoot, but this summer she asked us about using our clothes for a more personal take on our line. We chatted with her recently about Portland, her creative intentions and experience, and her latest series of unconventional self-portraits featuring pieces from our Fall 14 line.

B&B: You’ve got hands in many things—spending time on both sides of the camera, making music, collaborating with various does it all fit together?

MA: It all stems from trying to find myself. Putting myself in positions that I’m not familiar with and seeing how I react and navigate through it...all within the industries I am driven to take part in (film, music, art) in order to grow in both my personal life and my career. 

I’m addicted to multi-tasking and I cannot stand wasting time or energy for things I don’t believe in, don’t agree with, or just don’t want to do. If there’s an opportunity to learn I’ll usually take it, which has led me to work in many, many different jobs. But, it also keeps me from the regularly scheduled jobs (9-5s) which I’ve found crushes me and heightens my anxiety to where I almost can’t function. Keeping this freelance lifestyle allows me to look at the world in a very optimistic light and I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt bored. I love that. So, I’m chasing that.

B&B: How did this self-portrait series come about? What’s the motivation behind it?

MA: This micro-series was kind of my last opportunity to create something for a Portland-based designer before I flew away to my new world in New York. I was in the middle of a month-long travel trip between SF, LA and NYC and found that the jobs I was on had very similar vibes to each other. Every self portrait series is a reaction to wherever I’m at in life, so for this I was annoyed at being hired to look “pretty” and “moody” and decided to fuck around until I found something that felt fresh to me. Then, I forced myself to step out of my black-and-white comfort zone and see where that took me.


B&B: What’s it been like working as a creator in Portland? 

MA: For me, Portland was the place I moved to directly after college to step away from my family and find myself as an individual. I left with that intention knowing I wouldn’t stay forever, but it was the logical next-step in my life (coming from Eugene).

There’s an endless supply of people looking to shoot/create so it was a fairly simple process of finding them and asking, all while holding myself to a certain standard that was appropriate for me at the time--you know, shooting with someone who was different than the last person I shot, taking what I learned and applying it to the next...seeking out photographers who shot outside my comfort-zone (safely, with consent) and gaining more skills in preparation for potential bigger jobs. 

I’m not sure I would have been able to really focus on my creativity and growth as intensely if I were in a bigger city; I would have had to find another job and do modeling on the side. At the time I was living in a $200/month unfinished basement apartment called the “dream cave” so I never had to really worry about making money...which is ideal, because the independent creatives in Portland (those who I worked with mostly as an unrepresented model) work primarily on a trade-basis. It’s a wonderful thing for building a sense of community, removing the pressure of the reality of money, and it’s a great platform for taking risks without much consequence for anyone. It gave me peace of mind and a freedom to really dig into myself and try a bunch of different things. 

B&B: And now?

MA: Well, as I grew I became more intentional I realized that it was time to take the next step for both personal and career-based growth. A mentor of mine and I were talking about my need to be surrounded by people who hold me accountable, who are always working, always pushing--how I found out last year that I thrive in chaos and I was beginning to feel too comfortable in Portland. She told me “you have to move. It’s either New York or LA, but you need to go now.” It was what I needed. Two months later, here I am in New York and I’m flipping out because it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I’m not sure I would have made it here without my time spent and connections I made while being in Portland, though. It was the perfect city for what I needed to do for that period of time. I have a desire to write love letters to Portland; I want to thank it for being there and helping me become me. I’ve been in NY three weeks now, and I’m still mourning the west coast a bit. Like a breakup where you haven’t fallen out of love, but you know you can’t continue on the way it was. It will always hold a very kind, weird, and unique place in my heart, as I’m sure it does for many.


See Meredith's work.

Bridge Burners vol. 4 - Dane Brown & Clinton McDougall / Bestie August 26 2014

“Sausage really is a perfectly designed meat,” claims Clinton McDougall, while his business partner Dane Brown nods in pseudo-solemn agreement.

Collectively they have surely said this hundreds of times, but you can tell they still get a chuckle out of it. Together they run Bestie—a friendly little sausage and beer parlour in Vancouver, BC, specializing in Germany’s favorite street food: currywurst. Their tiny Chinatown shop is the darling of the Vancouver foodie circuit.

Dane and Clinton didn’t initially set out to be slingers of sausage and sauerkraut but they both knew early on they wouldn’t follow predictable career paths. “I remember taking a calculus exam and thinking, ‘Why am I doing this? I don’t like this at all, I just feel like it’s something I should be doing.’ The older I get the more I realize it doesn’t matter what people expect you to do,” says Dane. “When I was four or five years old my mom told me, ‘If you grow up and want to dig ditches for a living, that’s okay.’”

Click to read more.

Stockist Profile: The Block, Vancouver August 18 2014

The Block has been a Vancouver fashion mainstay since 1999, locking down a prime piece of real estate long before the city’s Gastown neighborhood became a hot property. Locals know this is the spot in the city centre for quality goods, and owner Jennifer MacKay knows the best in North American and European designers when she sees (and hand picks) them. She gave us a peek at the life on the Block.

Neighborhood: Gastown

What tunes are on regular rotation in your shop? I really like the classics playing. I could listen to David Bowie, Television and the Velvet Underground all day. Sometimes on Sunday or at the end of the day on Friday, Duke Ellington will get played.

What’s the best thing about doing business in Gastown? Gastown has done a good job of evolving over the years, but not too quickly. Some of the shops have been here forever. It's a really neat mix. The great thing now is that you can spend an entire day in the area—there are great restaurants, bars, shops and really good people-watching.

What’s another must-visit spot in your hood? I love Old Faithful. It is a great place to buy a gift—there is something there for everyone, plus the store smells great! In the evening I love to go to Bao Bei or Ask for Luigi. Both are great restaurants with amazing food, drinks and staff.

What’s your fave Bridge & Burn piece? The Warbler jacket is amazing, it always sells out and is reasonably priced. We are in Vancouver, you may as well have a cute rain jacket!

Describe your ideal Vancouver weekend: I love to ride my bike around the city, through Stanley Park and around the Seawall with my husband and 3-year-old boy. It is so beautiful and relaxing. The best is when we stop at Third Beach with a picnic and some wine and stay till the sun is almost down.

A Perfect Pair August 06 2014

Nothing beats that just-right pair of pants. When we find them we wear them ‘til they’re threadbare... and sometimes long after.

We wanted to make sure every pair of Bridge & Burn pants fits like that, so for Spring 14 we got them dialled—like scientifically.

Our new line of pants is perfectly tailored to the median measurements of the typical Bridge & Burn guy.

What does that look like?

We slimmed up the legs and reduced any curve on the hips, so seams fall straight. We added a bit of fabric on the front inner thigh—to give more wiggle room in the frontend—and removed a bit of fabric from the backside, to avoid any sagging (gotta keep your assets looking good). We increased the contour on the waistband to prevent gaping in the back.

They came out in April and we haven’t stopped wearing them since.

Read more about how we perfected our pants, and meet the fit wizard who made it happen.

Stockist Profile: Stag, Austin July 29 2014

Austin is one of our favorite southern hotspots, and Stag is one of its gems. This South Congress shop opened in 2009 when owners Steve Shuck and Don Weir recognized that Austin was a great retail market with plenty boutiques catering to women, but very few aimed at men. They set out to change that, by creating a one stop shop for style-conscious guys. Apparel, accessories, grooming, design, music, art, gifts, furniture etc etc etc—they’ve got all of it. 

Co-owner Don answered some of our questions about life at Stag.

Neighborhood: South Congress Ave. in the heart of the Travis Heights neighborhood in old South Austin. Twenty years ago, South Congress was still populated mainly by prostitutes and XXX theaters, but over the past 10 years, it exploded as the retail, restaurant, and pedestrian hub of the city and consists almost entirely of independently owned, local businesses. It’s a special place, and we’re really lucky to have found the space we’re operating out of when we did. 

What tunes are on regular rotation in your shop? They're always changing, but lately we've been listening to lots of War on Drugs, Mac Demarco, Television, and Deer Tick, along with locals  Hundred Visions, and the Hard Pans. We play a lot of older stuff like Buck Owens, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Doug Sahm, and Willie Nelson to go along with staples like the Stones, Zeppelin, and the Kinks as well. Our mix is a little all over the place, which is fun. 

What’s the best thing about doing business in your hood? We're really lucky to do business on a street that has about 10 blocks worth of independent restaurants, retailers, music clubs, and hotels, so there are always loads of people roaming the streets and popping in the shop from all over the country. We get a great mix of regular, loyal locals and tourists from all over the world. 

What’s another must-visit spot in your neighborhood? There are too many to mention, but tops on our list is always Uncommon Objects. They're one of the best oddity / curiosity / antique shops in the country and have been doing business on the street for 20+ years—way before the rest of us newbies came along. The same goes for the Continental Club down the street. They've played host to some of the best bands in the world for over 20 years as well, and the place hasn't changed at all. It's not in our neighborhood, but Barton Springs (the largest urban spring fed pool in the country) is about 5 minutes away, and is a must visit for anyone coming to Austin. It's 68 degrees year-round and helps make the Texas summers tolerable. 

What’s your fave Bridge & Burn piece? You know, it's not a specific piece that's my favorite, but Bridge & Burn's fit is as good as any out there. We get guys coming back over and over and over again because of the fit, and I'm that way with your shirts as well. I love them. The fit and the weights are always spot on. 

Describe your ideal Austin weekend: Dinner on Friday night (we recommend Uchi-ko, Barley Swine, Odd Duck, and East Side King among others) with maybe a show at the Continental afterwards; a lazy Saturday morning; an afternoon / evening in the Texas Hill Country with friends, a cold cocktail to beat the heat, and a Sunday spent reading and listening to music. And a late afternoon trip to the Springs never hurt. 

Bridge Burners Vol. 3 - Matt Pierce / Wood & Faulk July 25 2014

Matt Pierce is the archetype of the Portland success story: ambitious creative leaves office job to become full-time maker; or, hobby-blog evolves into viable business. But Wood & Faulk—his line of leather and canvas goods—is no cottage industry.

The growing company has just moved into a bright, airy 3,800-square-foot warehouse space in North Portland’s Eliot neighborhood, where carefully curated midcentury furniture and hand-painted canoe paddles live alongside a cadre of industrial grade sewing machines. It’s a perfect marriage of industry and design. Imagine Damien Jurado on vinyl, crooning alongside the hum of a 20-ton hydraulic clicker press, or an Eames lounger dressed in a patina of sawdust—that’s Matt’s world.

In the last four years Wood & Faulk has evolved from a personal blog of tinkering and home projects to a full scale leather goods and accessories brand, collaborations with local A-listers like Pendleton and Poler, and distribution all over North America, New Zealand, Australia, Britain and Asia (without exaggeration, they are big in Japan).

The catalyst behind all of it was a mishmash frankenstein house and a rejection letter.

Click to read more.


Staff Picks: Sarah C, Customer Service & Office Manager/General Badass July 18 2014

Sarah does so many things in her role that we still have’t been able to land on a suitable title. But know this: if you call Bridge & Burn, there’s a 99% chance she’ll be the helpful voice on the other end of the line.

She joined the team a year ago as we were gearing up to launch our flagship store. We were growing quickly and needed a great administrator to make sure questions get answered, returns get processed, deliveries get put through, and accounts get balanced. We found it all in this troop-rallying, lunchtime-jogging, popcorn-eating ray of sunshine.

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Define your style in a sentence: I have an eclectic style—it's all over the place, but above all I look for pieces that fit well and are functional.

Favorite spot in Portland: One of my favorite spots in town is Peninsula Park. Most people don't know it's the original Rose Garden.

Best kept secret in Portland: La Sirenita on Alberta has some of the most delicious, cheap Mexican food this side of California. When you’re done, go next door and have the Old Fashion Crumble donut at Tonalli's Donuts & Cream.

Currently Watching: True Detective!

Album on Repeat: At the moment, CD #4 of Waylon Jennings' Box Set 

Favorite B&B piece this season: The Reed jacket—it’s a new design for us and it fits great!

Sarah shared some of her other top picks for Summer 2014: Oregon Pine Tote, BURN Scoop Tee, Sons & Daughters Leather Clutch, Reed JacketBird Herringbone Shirt, Maak Lab soaps, Cut-off Camp Shorts, and the Seneca Sweatshirt in Blue Stripe.

Summer Kind of Wonderful July 08 2014

on Zach—Ship Shape TeeDenali Leisure Trunk   on Margaret—Jordan Indigo Stripe Knit TankAudrey Indigo Stripe Short

Sandy toes.
Berry picking.
Bare legs.
Burnt marshmallows.
Lawn games.
Swimming off docks.
Saltwater hair.
Frosty beers.
Bonfire smell.
Getting home as the sun comes up.

Summer is on.

Stonestreet Navy Jacket, Laurence French Terry Hoodie, Mercer Indigo Stripe Tee, Polk Olive Twill Pants

Fleer Indigo Jacquard Stripe 

Pacific Standard Waxed Cotton Backpack, Columbiaknit BURN Crewneck Sweatshirt, Colville Navy Gingham Shirt, Roark Grass Pants 

on Zach— Charlton Marine Oxford, Tabor Khaki Short, Pacific Standard Waxed Cotton Tote   on Margaret— Margot Plaid Dress

See the full gallery.

Shop SS14 Men 
Shop SS14 Women

Bridge Burners Vol. 2 - Ben Love & Van Havig / Gigantic Brewing June 29 2014

Creating Bridge & Burn required a leap of faith. Founder, Erik Prowell quit his job as a software developer, lit the proverbial match, and threw it—burning the bridge of working for anyone else behind him. With no formal training he trusted his smarts and his strong work ethic, and took the plunge. In that spirit, Bridge Burners is a series showcasing people who are taking a similar leap.

There are a lot of things Van Havig and Ben Love never, ever want to do.

There are really only two things they do want to do:

1. make beer
2. kick it in the nuts, every day

The latter is more Van’s personal mantra, which probably could be translated to: never half-ass it and don’t compromise.

When they launched Gigantic Brewing in 2012 it had to be on their own terms. And those are some very specific terms: No, they won’t build a kitchen. No, they won’t accommodate your children in their tasting room. No, they won’t bring back that beer you liked last season. And no, they definitely won’t become a “f*cking gigantic brewery”.

Click to read more.

Pacific Wonderland: Portland Weekends vol.1 June 13 2014

Once you’ve hit your word limit at Powells and nurtured a cavity at Voodoo doughnuts, there are still a million things to do in the Rose City. Here are our picks for a perfectly curated Portland weekend.

Neighborhood for Establishment-Hopping:
When you’ve got a day to kill and want a broad dose of Portland goodness, Mississippi is still top of the heap. Start things off with brunch at Radar, then browse the latest exhibit upstairs at Land gallery. Linger over a buttermilk strawberry ice cream cone at Lovely's 50/50, and cap it off with a drink at Bar Bar and a mellow show at Mississippi Studios.
Record Shopping:
Small but stocked, Mississippi Records is a good place to waste an hour pouring over vinyl. Their mix tapes will make you wish you still had a car with a tape deck. 5202 N Albina Ave.
The Oregon hazelnut milk latte at Heart Roasters is likely the spendiest caffeine you’ll order all day, but also the most delicious. 2211 E Burnside St. / 537 SW 12th Ave.
Dose of Culture:
The Museum of Contemporary Craft is a little-known hub in the Pearl District. The Fashioning Cascadia exhibit, running until October, features perfect vintage Pendleton and Liza Rietz’ noteworthy structural pieces. 724 NW Davis St.
Surprisingly Cool Tourist Trap:
The decommissioned navy submarine, the USS Blueback at OMSI, may squash your latent dreams of naval service—particularly if you’re claustrophobic or taller than 6 feet—but it’s also a trove of fascinating seafaring facts you can drop over dinner later. 1945 SE Water Ave.
Portlandia Cliches in the Flesh:
The absolutely cutthroat Monday Night Dodgeball match at Colonel Summers Park is a sight to behold and sketch comedy waiting to happen.
PDX Airport 5 Panel by Ashbrook—a wearable piece of the only airport carpet that has its own Instagram feed.

Stockist Profile: Seedstore, San Francisco June 10 2014

Sisters Cynthia and Jennifer Huie first conceived of Seedstore in the winter of 2009. They opened their carefully curated shop in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond neighborhood in August 2010 and have been hard at it ever since. We caught up with them to hear what's going on in their shop and their city.

Neighborhood: Inner Richmond

Tell us the Seedstore story:
We had both been working in fashion and retail and were ready to finally take the leap of pursuing our dreams of owning our own shop.  We wanted to open a men's and women's store that brought people together through the stories and history of the designers and pieces. We started with the hope of creating community, and through the past four years we're proud to be an active part of our neighborhood and a welcoming place for people to connect.

What are the must-visit spots in your hood?
Our neighborhood is the spot in the city for amazing food: Burma Superstar, Chapeau, all the dim sum places, Chili House, B-Star... you could easily eat your way up and down Clement Street. In terms of shopping, Foggy Notion, Park Life, and Green Apple Books are all destinations worthy of many, many visits.

What’s the best thing about doing business in Inner Richmond?
Our neighborhood is in the middle of it all. We are fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most picturesque landmarks in the city: Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge, the beaches, the Presidio… the list really goes on. And I think our style reflects that urban outdoor aesthetic.

What’s your favorite Bridge & Burn piece?
We love all your pieces! Bridge & Burn fits into our shop perfectly. But if we had to choose just one, we love the Straat women's jacket in khaki. We both wear ours year round.

Check out their rad space:

Rad Dad Gift Guide: City Dad June 09 2014

As far as he’s concerned, the city it the best playground, and he can make a trip to the barber shop just as fun as a visit to the science museum. He’s always got a finger on what’s happening, and makes the best minivan mixtapes. This dad has a lot going on and somehow he balances it all and still looks good. He’d rolls his eyes if you said it, but really he loves being the “cool dad.”

Give him timeless pieces as hardworking as he is—ones that can transition from the office to barbecue-duty at a moments’ notice.

Click to view the collection.

1. Beech Sweater | 2. Baxter of California Shave 1-2-3 | 3. Wood & Faulk Front Pocket Wallet | 4. Charleton Oxford Red | 5. Oxford Watch by Daniel Wellington  | 6. Polk Pants | 7. Pacific Standard waxed cotton tote | 8. Shwood Sunglasses | 9. Quentin Navy Jacket


Rad Dad Gift Guide: Camp Dad June 06 2014

He makes every outing an adventure, even if it’s just a jaunt to the ice cream parlor. But when it’s time to venture into the outdoors, he knows what’s what. This dad is prepared for anything—he has perfected the teepee method and always remembers the TP. He’s the dad that can hold down the fort just as well as he can build one.

Give him timeless essentials that stand up against the elements, and a little something extra that makes him feel like he’s still in the woods even when Monday rolls around.

Click to view the collection.

1. Pacific Wonderland Tee | 2. Patten Orange Plaid | 3. Olive Watch Cap | 4. Misc Goods Co. Ceramic Flask | 5. Maak Lab Doug Bar | 6. Olive Polk Twill Pant | 7. Columbiaknit BURN Sweatshirt | 8. Accuracy is Everything Pocketknife | 9. Wood & Faulk Camp Stool

Rad Dad Gift Guide: Beach Dad June 05 2014

Family outings are the best when he’s on board. He rounds up the troops for a day in the sun, gasses up the SUV, braves Sunday drivers, smears sunblock on noses, perfectly toasts marshmallows and then, when it’s all over, cleans the sand from between little toes. Yup, he’s got a million things to think about, but he still has fun in the process. Give him stylish comfort he can grab on the fly, and one sturdy tote that keeps everything together as well as he always seems to.

Click to the view the collection.

1. Denali Leisure Trunk | 2. Laurence French Terry Zip-Hoodie | 3.  Kenton Blue Pinstripe | 4. Canterbury Watch by Daniel Wellington | 5. Fin Tee | 6. Oregon Pine Tote

Staff Picks: Jared, Retail Manager June 02 2014

Our retail manager Jared runs a tight ship. Since he moved to Portland from San Francisco last winter, he's kept the Bridge & Burn flagship store looking fresh with his thoughtful merchandising and ability to source cool new products our customers love—like our own line of screen-printed totes and our brand-new selection of Baxter of California men's grooming products. Whether it's where to eat nearby or which shirt fits best, he's got loads of good advice and is always happy to help.

He answered a few of our questions and shared his top picks for Spring14.

Hometown: Imperial Beach, CA

Define your style in a sentence: Modern American Classic mixed with an Anglophile subconscious.

Favorite spot in Portland: Irving City Park. I spend a lot of time there watching my dog chase squirrels.

Best kept secret in Portland: I just moved here—it's all still a secret to me.

Currently reading: I actually just started rereading The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

Album on repeat: Right now, Tim Barry's "40 Miler"

Favourite B&B pieces this season: For guys, the Charlton in Red Chambray. For ladies, the Fleer Indigo.

Cool Blue: Spring Jackets May 29 2014

 You don’t see many umbrellas on Portland streets. When it rains in the Pacific Northwest (and you know it does) we default to good, sturdy outerwear.

Just on the cusp of toastier days, when the wind and rain still kick up without warning, a good transition jacket becomes essential. Our hooded cotton-poly jackets are made to keep you cool but dry. They are water resistant, light enough to stash the minute the sun comes out, and come in the summeriest hue of blue.

The guys’ Weston is our classic fit with contrasting zipper tape and zipped pockets.

The ladies’ Warbler has our signature double pockets—snap closures to keep your keys and wallet in check, and hidden hand pockets tucked in behind. It’s lined with red pinstripes… a flourish almost as unpredictable as the Portland weather.


Pacific Standard Bags by Bridge & Burn May 23 2014

We’re incredibly proud of our new collection of waxed cotton bags. Handcrafted, right here in Portland, they have all the casual sophistication and functional details of our waxed cotton jackets and the high level of quality we’re known for.

The collection is the first release of our new Pacific Standard label of US-made premium goods. Made with heavy-weight waterproof waxed cotton with heavy twill reinforced bottoms, they’re designed for versatility and durability—sleek enough to carry on a flight, but tough enough to throw in a pickup.

We collaborated with our good friend, designer Peter Williams of the Clinton Street Bag Company to develop the line. He paired his extensive design and manufacturing experience with our minimal aesthetic and signature details—like great liner fabric and timeless design.

The whole line is now available in the flagship store and online.

Pacific Standard Bags by Bridge & Burn from Bridge & Burn on Vimeo.

Spring Clean Sample Sale May 20 2014

It's spring and we're cleaning house. We teamed up with an all-star list of brands for a one-day sale at the Cleaners at Ace Portland.

We'll be joined by:

And Work Apparel
Black Mfg
BLTN Jewelry
Make It Good
Nell & Mary
No Star
Wood & Faulk

This Saturday, May 24 only. RSVP via Facebook.

Spring 14 on Film May 15 2014

We pulled out the Polaroid SE600 while shooting our Spring 14 looks recently, and grabbed these gems of Pete in our Charleton Blue Oxford and Evergreen Pocket T, and Julia in the Bird Stripe and Jo Indigo Stripe Pocket T. We're pretty happy with the results. Watch for new Spring pieces coming online regularly—sign up for our newsletter for updates.

It's worth noting: Fuji is currently the only company making instant film for this camera, and they recently announced they're discontinuing their Fujifilm FP-3000B Black & White film. There's a campaign to get the Impossible Project to manufacture it. Contact them to show your support.



Flagship Store Grand Opening Party - April 2013 - Portland, OR April 30 2014

Our friend Cole Boggess put together this video documenting our Grand Opening last April. We had such a good time and are proud to see how far along the store has come since then.

Spring 14 Launch / One Year Anniversary Party April 29 2014

Join us on Thursday, May 1 for the launch of our Spring 14 Collection and the One Year Anniversary of our flagship retail space in downtown Portland. The festivities at the shop run from 6PM - 8:30PM, after which we'll be heading over Jackknife to finish the evening. We'll have a keg of Prowell Springs Lager from the Crux Fermentation Project at the shop and it will also be on special at Jackknife. All goods in store are 10% off from Thursday through Sunday. We'll also be offering additional specials and giveaways.  

Thursday May 1 from 6PM - 8:30PM

Bridge & Burn Flagship Store
1122 SW Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97205

After-party starts at 9PM

614 SW 11th
Portland, OR 97205

Please RSVP for the event HERE.



Adidas Florist City Collection Launch Video March 21 2014

Loved seeing Damian Lillard in his limited BURN sweatshirt at the launch of the Adidas Florist City Collection at Compound Gallery. Read a recap of the event at Sole Collector. Get yourself one of the sweatshirts here.



Exclusive BURN Sweatshirts for Adidas Florist City Collection March 17 2014

We created exclusive versions of our BURN sweatshirts for NBA All Stars Damian Lillard and John Wall for the release of the new Florist City Collection by Adidas. These sweatshirts, manufactured by Columbiaknit in Portland, OR, feature appliqué lettering with the same Rose and Cherry blossom prints used on the limited edition shoes.

These pieces launch Wednesday, March 19 at Compound Gallery.

Compound Gallery
107 NW 5th Ave.
Portland, OR

Wed. March 19 6-9PM

More info about the release here

Bridge & Burn x Tsuyumi Waxed Cotton Hats February 04 2014

We are excited to announce our collaboration with NYC designer and friend Tsuyumi Kumazaki. We met Tsuyumi several years ago at a trade show and she has never ceased to impress us with her style, grace, and a sincere dedication to her craft. Her self-titled brand, TSUYUMI, is a collection of meticulously crafted woven and knit hats. Her hats have a unique, modern shape yet fit well and incorporate playful craft details. She hand makes each and every piece herself in her Manhattan studio. 

Tsuyumi was raised in Japan. Around the age of 15, her father told her that her mother’s dream was to become a fashion designer; a dream she gave up to marry him and move to his hometown deep in the countryside. Tsuyumi used this as a prompt to fulfill her mother’s dream, an area of interest she was already passionate about. After graduating from Bunka Fashion College in Japan, Tsuyumi worked as an apparel designer for a company in Tokyo, designing women’s sweaters, shirts, bags, shoes, and hats. She is also the recipient of the gold medal in the 13th Annual Lumine Fashion Design Prize.

After moving to New York, primarily to learn English, she continued making clothes, bags, and hats for herself and friends.  Her kindness paid off. One of her friends happened to show her hat to an owner of a showroom and suddenly, Tsuyumi had a sales agent. In Fall/Winter 2005, she made a small collection of hats, showed them to a few stores, and landed orders from nationally acclaimed stores like Bird and Steven Alan.

Our limited release features 3 of her most popular Spring 14 styles constructed of waxed cotton (this is the first time she's worked with the material) paired our navy tick cotton fabric for the lining. These pieces are exclusive to our flagship store and website and are available in limited quantities.

End of Season Sale February 03 2014

We're hosting our semi-annual End of Season sale on Feb. 8 & 9. We need to make room for the new Spring Collection. Offering big discounts on select Fall 13 styles. Quantities are limited. RSVP via Facebook.

Complimentary Gift Wrap December 21 2013

Tis the Season, so we're offering complimentary gift wrapping for all in store purchases now through Christmas Eve.

Bridge Burner Vol. 1 - Shannon Guirl / Caravan Pacific December 05 2013

The creation of Bridge & Burn required a leap of faith.  Founder, Erik Prowell quit his job as a software developer, lit the proverbial match and threw it, burning the bridge of working for anyone else behind him. With no formal training in apparel design, he trusted his smarts and strong work ethic and took the plunge to start his own business.  It is in that same spirit, that we have decided to start showcasing the people who are taking a similar plunge.

We kick off this series with Shannon Guirl from Caravan Pacific.  A former television editor, Shannon lived what she describes as a sweet, comfortable life in New York and yet, was wholly unsatisfied. She was craving new surroundings and access to nature. She felt the urge to slow down and concentrate on simpler pleasures of life, knowing on a deeper level that she could be doing more.

“It’s one of those things that just hits you. Something that you’re headed towards most of your life and don’t really know it.  I was kind of dabbling and experimenting with all of these different things -- silk screening, slip casting, making pottery, a little turning on the side.  I knew I was going to leave New York, but I still was decorating my apartment. It seems wherever I go, I like building a little nest around me.  I was collecting these mid century modern table lamps. I just love them and I thought they were a beautiful combination of materials and style. I bought this one and it arrived totally shattered it into pieces . . . It was like it turned itself inside out and I could see how it was built and it kind of made it the process less mysterious and more accessible to me.”

Click to read more.


Bridge & Burn x Olo Fragrance x Maak Lab December 03 2013

We're proud to announce new collaborations with two our favorite Portland brands Olo Fragrance and Maak Lab. Inspired by the high desert region of Central Oregon, both products are based around the unique aroma of juniper, a tree native to the area.

We teamed up with Olo Fragrance to create a new scent for him and her called Black Lodge. This unique fragrance starts off with the dry, slightly fruity undertones of bitter orange, unfurling into the sweet warmth of juniper berry and a herbaceous yet soft lavender. We met owner Heather Sielaff when we shared a space at the Portland Bazaar two years ago. We traded a waxed cotton Erie jacket for some of her famous Victory Wolf and Erastus and a friendship was born. Learn more about the fragrance here:

The Juniper Bar by Maak Lab was conceived during a camping trip on the Deschutes River in early Spring. It was owners Taylor and Anoria's first visit to Central Oregon and they fell in love with the sights and smells of the region. This hand made soap is all natural and cold processed. It features ground juniper berry sourced from New Deal Distillery, a byproduct of their gin making process.

Join us this Thursday evening Dec. 5th from 5:30 to 8:30 to celebrate the launch of these collaborations.

Bridge & Burn Flagship Store
1122 SW Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97205

Burn Tee x Emma Jane Kepley x Trop Rouge December 03 2013

Photographer Emma Jane Kepley teamed up with model/blogger Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge to create this photo set featuring our women's Burn tee. See the whole set here:

Content 2013 November 06 2013

We are very excited to be part of the upcoming Content Show hosted by the Ace Hotel in downtown Portland this Saturday, Nov. 9. For the fourth edition of the live design and fashion installation, local Portland, OR designers will take over twenty-eight guest rooms on the second floor of the Ace. Individually transformed into conceptual or multimedia installations or "traditional" product display setups, the rooms stand as a collective testament to the outsized talent and vitality of Portland's design scene. 

Content 2013 - Ace Hotel
Satuday, Nov. 9 5PM - 10PM

Learn more about the event by clicking here.

Bridge & Burn featured on State of Unique. July 31 2013

Check out this nice little interview with founder Erik Prowell over at State of Unique