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Beats & Burn August Playlist August 24 2015

Beats & Burn Cover Art - Jordan Domont

Beats & Burn August Playlist by Bridge & Burn on Mixcloud

We've teamed up with Portland-based independent radio station,, to create a monthly playlist called: Beats & Burn. DJs at create a playlist and we connect with artists to design cover art inspired by the mix. This August installment features music compiled by DJ Cooky Parker and fine artist, Jordan Domont.

With a strong ear for rhythm and an ever expanding record collection teeming with rare gems and unstoppable beats, Cooky Parker has made it his mission to never let up and to always serve the dance floor with taste and style. Never static, Parker is constantly searching, learning, absorbing and most importantly, listening. With a focus squarely on finding the most infectious records of the late 50’s and early 60’s, a near obsessive desire to discover every incredible 12" single of the Post-disco era, and a deep love of modern hip hop/r&b and club music, DJ Cooky Parker remains at once firmly rooted yet teetering on the edge. His edict “I promise to make you dance” is surely true and one need only to attend one of the many residencies he has built and grown in the city of Portland to believe it. Catch his weekly show The Mess Around on Saturdays at 2pm.

Jordan Domont is a nationally recognized painter and illustrator. To infuse depth and luminosity into his work, Jordan employs a palette of punchy hues. While experimenting, he discovered that when inks layer heavily onto Mylar, it creates a rich, almost melted effect. Pigments become slightly volatile, even mercurial, and their behavior enlivens the entire process. Jordan likes to explore how different amalgams of color work together, because it sure trumps sitting back and watching paint dry.

Back in Black - New Accessories August 12 2015

Black is the New Black. New men's accessories have arrived, including Kershaw knives, watches by Squarestreet, and leather goods from Wood&Faulk.

Shop the Entire Collection.

The Loren Shirtdress July 23 2015

Bridge & Burn Loren Olive Shirtdress
The Loren Shirtdress has become one of our most popular dress styles. Simple details including a cuffed sleeve, streamlined collar, chest pocket, and simple, flattering silhouette make it the perfect go-to dress for every occasion. 

This limited edition, 30 piece run is only available online and at our retail store in downtown Portland.

Click to purchase.

Bridge & Burn Loren Olive Shirtdress
Bridge & Burn Loren Olive Shirtdress

Photography by Erik Prowell. Modeled by Flora van Hemert. HMUA by Patty Harding.

Beats & Burn July Playlist July 15 2015

Beats & Burn Monthly Playlist Series  

Beats & Burn July Playlist by bridgeandburn on Mixcloud

We've teamed up with Portland based, independent radio station,, to create a monthly playlist called: Beats & Burn. DJ's at create a playlist and we connect with artists to design cover art inspired by the mix.

This month's playlist was created by Theo Craig, Art Director at PDX Pop Now! and host of the radio show, Take It To The Bridge!. Theo got into music by putting together concerts in Alaska for his friends and he slid right into a radio position at Seattle's KEXP-FM post-college. After five years there, he says, "I worked with and met so many inspiring people in the industry, there was no turning back.” Now in Portland, you can find him Thursdays from 4-6pm on and playing with the heavy instrumental band, Máscaras

Cole Gerst an award winning art director, graphic designer, illustrator, painter, and good friend of Bridge & Burn, designed this month's album cover. Cole was the first in house art director at the House of Blues, and is well known for his concert poster work for the likes of Beck, Modest Mouse, The Shins, and more. He currently runs his own design studio and his recent work can be found at option-g


Ryan Plett x Bridge & Burn July 13 2015

Look 1: Loren Indigo Dress, Columbiaknit BURN Sweatshirt, Westerlind Hat

Misty mornings, sand dollar hunting, tip toeing in and out of the grey blue waves. Trips to the Oregon Coast don't always entail jumping in for a swim, but rather breathing in the salt water air, soaking in the view of the rolling coastal fog caught by the hillside across.

A day trip, an overnight tent expedition, or a mini vacation at a beach home; we've done all three, and Ryan Plett caught our most recent trip there so beautifully. 

Ryan Plett has been an inspiration to Bridge & Burn since the beginning. We brought him out from NYC to experience the Oregon Coast for the first time and to create this lookbook with model Nata Sarafinchan, at Hug Point, just a few miles South from Cannon Beach. 

Look 2: Isabel Striped Top, Lyle Linen Tank Top, Lily Black Skirt

Look 3: Raleigh Navy Top, Luca Black Shorts

Look 4: Ramsey Jacket, Lyra Olive Dress


Take A 4th Of July Adventure July 02 2015

Bridge & Burn Fourth of July Lookbook

There is no better way to spend the Fourth of July than out of the city.

A road trip 100 miles away from the city to Ojai, California. Camping by a stream, stopping to take photos of the beautiful hills, getting up to watch the sunrise, and taking late night drives in the cool summer night breeze. The perfect summertime adventure. 

Are you taking your Bridge & Burn on an adventure this summer? Tag us on Instagram and show us where you go!

Look 1- Her: BURN Tee, Lily Indigo Plaid Skirt. Him: Cambie Navy, BURN Tee, Black Watch CapBridge & Burn Fourth of July LookbookBridge & Burn Fourth of July Lookbook Independence Day Lookbook by Candy Mountain Collective

Click to see more of the post here.

Restock: Columbiaknit Crew Neck Sweatshirts June 19 2015

Columbiaknit BURN Crew Neck

Our classic Bridge & Burn x Columbiaknit crew neck sweatshirts are back in stock. Family owned and operated, Columbiaknit has been manufacturing Portland, OR. made goods since 1921. In addition to manufacturing, all fabric is milled in house. We're so lucky to partner with a such a rare resource. 

 A custom slim, comfortable fit for both men and women, our crew necks are designed to be worn.

Shop Men's Columbiaknit Sweatshirts

Shop Women's Columbiaknit Sweatshirts

Columbiaknit x Bridge & Burn Sweatshirts


Jordan Voth x Bridge & Burn June 18 2015

Jordan Voth— a Seattle based lifestyle, portrait and wedding photographer shot this lookbook at Rialto Beach on the Olympic Peninsula near La Push, WA.

For two years, Jordan worked a 9-5 at a Fortune 500 company while running his photography business on the side. He was finally able to move his photography business to the front burner after his position dissolved during a company merger; “I was probably one of the few who actually saw it as a wonderful opportunity.”

Look 1- Noelle: Orchard Sunflower Dress; BradenHarbor Indigo Pinstripe Shirt, Cambie Jacket, Cordova Olive ShortsThe thought of quitting had crossed his mind before, so the transition was the natural next step.  “Those two years were the busiest I had ever been. It made me much more comfortable with the decision to take it full time.”

But the adjustment didn’t come without hard work. “I wake up every morning around 6:30am and run 2-3 miles to begin the day. I make a daily to-do list and push hard to get it all done by mid-afternoon. Anything else that pops up gets moved to the next day unless it's urgent.” To keep grounded, his girlfriend, the calm presence of his dog, and long list of outdoor activities to do around Seattle, provide the necessary time away from work.

We asked Jordan what he loves most about his job and he told us, “I love that I love my job so much.” That’s what we all want to be able to say about our work, right?

Look 2 - Noelle: Burn Tee, Macleay Khaki, Braden: Summerland Tee, Cambie Khaki Windbreaker.Modeled by Noelle Johnson and Braden Torras. Find Jordan at his social links below.
Instagram, Twitter, Portfolio.

Grads & Dads June Gift Guide June 05 2015

Gradation and Fathers Day Gift Guide Ideas

Celebrate your 2k'15 graduate and Father of the Year with something they'll love (and probably need). Shop our collection of brands including Shwood, Stanley, Olo Fragrance, Baxter of California, Westerlind, and Squarestreet Watches.

Shop the full guide HERE.

Satsuki Shibuya + Bridge & Burn Spring '15 May 21 2015

Satsuki Shibuya + Bridge & Burn BURN Tee

Having to overcome obstacles is key to shaping one's self. Lifelong artist, Satsuki Shibuya recently found peace in her struggle with health through the creative medium of watercolor painting, transforming her way of communicating with the universe. After only a year, she is launching her first solo exhibition called Into the Light in Madrid, Spain. 

We gave her free reign to to chose her favorite pieces and interpret our Spring 15 line. She tells us her story, how she takes intangible feelings, spiritual communications and the story of her life, and transforms them to something tangible through art. 

Satsuki Shibuya + Bridge & Burn Market Trouser Grey Linen

You seem to always have your hands in many different projects, what keeps you inspired to constantly be creating? 

I feel that creating is who I am, as much I am human or Japanese-American. It is a part of my existence. When I forgo creating for a certain period of time, I start to get restless. On the other hand, I also need to be very aware of the balance between fulfilling my creative drive and overdoing as the later inevitably causes burnout. I have experienced it first hand and know that nothing is more important than our well being.  

The correlation between your spiritual philosophy and your aesthetic really shines through; can you tell us about how you developed your style? 

When asked this question, sometimes it is difficult for me to answer as I never consciously tried to develop a style. Painting came out of the blue for me as I never intended to paint nor did I ever think that I would be doing what I do right now. After receiving a spiritual message one day to paint and exploring different mediums, I came upon watercolors and through the medium, found a connection between the tangible and intangible world. A way to communicate what I was sensing and seeing with others who might be interested in experiencing something from a different perspective. More than trying to develop a particular style, painting for me has always been hoping to be a catalyst for peace, love and harmony.

Satsuki Shibuya + Bridge & Burn Weber Navy Linen Tee

Aside from us reaching out and admiring your work, what attracted you to this project?

Due to health reasons, I am not able to take on many projects at once. In a way, it is a blessing as it forces me to truly evaluate why I am deciding to collaborate, why I am doing what I do and check whether I am constantly in line with my life purpose. When first approached for the collaboration with Bridge & Burn, something intuitively told me that it would be great project to work on. I thrive in situations where I am entrusted full creative freedom and with the philosophy of Bridge & Burn being about designing classic, timeless and understated pieces, it felt that aesthetic consciousness came from a similar place. 

Was there a specific vision you had for this shoot or did it flow more organically?

The project was marinating in my mind for a while, but once I started working on it, one idea led to the next and it came together seamlessly— definitely a more organic process.

Bird Doubleface Pin

Fleer Linen Dress

What is it like being a painter in Rancho Palos Verdes?

I love being able to work from my studio in Rancho Palos Verdes and still be close enough to the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles. Having very sensitive senses, being in a serene environment where one can hear the leaves in the trees rustling or smell the seasonal changes in the air is truly a necessity in being able to connect to the quieter parts of myself and express this in the work that I create.

What’s in the future for Satsuki Shibuya? Maybe start making music again, or something new you're working on that you've never done before?

Even though this is channeled through painting, I feel that my true path lies humbly in communicating and sharing the insights of the Universe with the world as much as possible while here on earth. Ever since I was younger, this connection was already present before I could even understand the actual thoughts that were in my mind, almost like a knowing without realizing what it was that I sensed, but had to deny this part of myself due to the ridicule and bullying that I experienced from being different. Now that I’ve come full circle and have fully embraced the fact that I may view things from a different perspective, I truly believe that my heart is most at home when I am able to connect spiritually with the Universe and our world. Whether this is through blogging or penning a book, only time will tell, but I do feel that I am headed towards this direction and excited to finally freely be who I am, inside and out. 

Luca Black Shorts

Ellis Navy Pants

Find Sasuki Shibuya on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook


Staff Picks: Audrey Brown, Womenswear Designer May 13 2015

Audrey Brown Bridge & Burn Portland Womenswear Desginer

Audrey Brown is the designer and creative behind the women's collection at Bridge & Burn. After graduating from the Art Institute of Portland, she found herself interning with the brand, helping in production, design and whatever was needed to get the job done. That gig turned into a full-time position as one of the first employees at Bridge & Burn. Outside of the creative influence she has at B&B, you'll find her discovering estate sale treasures on the weekends or sewing her own pair of ridiculously cool jeans. 

Hometown: Walla Walla, Washington

Define your style in a sentence: I'm a bit of a uniform dresser; I look for pared-down, elevated basics (like great jeans & oversized linen tees) and I cannot resist a beautiful pair of shoes.

Favorite spot in Portland: Maven Collective has the best collection of beautiful textiles, furniture & curated home goods. I always leave with something I didn't know I needed.

Best kept secret in Portland: Brunch at Radar 

Currently Watching: Season 7 of Mad Men

Album on Repeat: Mr. Twin Sister- Mr. Twin Sister 

Favorite B&B piece this season: The Isabel tunic in black and white stripes.

Audrey's Picks: Isabel Black Stripe, Dea Dia Sunrise Earrings, Baxter White Wood Candle, Orchard Black Dress, OMFGCO x Bridge & Burn Ball Cap, Market Trouser Grey Linen, and the Blue Natural Stripe Scarf.

Click to shop all of Audrey's picks.

Audrey Brown Portland Design

Bridge Burners Vol. 8 - Curtis Cook May 05 2015

Creating Bridge & Burn required a leap of faith. Founder, Erik Prowell quit his job as a software developer, lit the proverbial match, and threw it—burning the bridge of working for anyone else behind him. With no formal training he trusted his smarts and his strong work ethic, and took the plunge. In that spirit, Bridge Burners is a series showcasing people who are taking a similar leap.

Nobody immediately associates Portland with blissful diversity, but comedian Curtis Cook says a certain kind of variety is exactly the reason he chose this city to launch his stand-up career.

Originally from Cleveland, OH, Curtis knows about diversity. “Portland is pretty homogenous and white in a way that Cleveland is not, which is a bummer,” he concedes, “but both cities have the ability to fill audiences with mixed-age crowds that are a total blend of people with warehouse jobs, older professionals, and young kids who just graduated from college. They all share ideals. I mean, Portland crowds are brutally white, but there’s still something unique about the audiences here. ”

That spectrum lets him mix it up and learn a lot as a comic—differently than he might have back home in Ohio where he graduated from a respected liberal arts college. Race aside, he says, “If it’s one place full of ivy league graduates I think a show will be just as boring as it would be in a small town where no one does anything but factory work. I’m not trying to say one is better than the other, but I like to have a place where there’s a little bit of a mix.” What’s special about Portland, he says, is people come from different backgrounds and parts of the US, and the city is a supportive home to all of them. 

Not that moving here straight out of college wasn’t a bit of a jolt. After moving across the country he initially stayed with a friend’s parents while he settled in. “We saved up all this money and worked really hard, got an apartment, and I was like great! We are adults now!” he says. “And in fact I was so much not an adult that I didn’t realize apartments didn’t come with beds.”

Curtis was initially a bit sheepish to be included in this series. He says, “I feel awkward because I haven’t fully burned the bridge of working for other people. I’m still clinging to that part time temp job.” But in fact, he shares something that all Bridge Burners have in common: making massive sacrifices, working a lot and really loving what they do. Plenty of our Bridge Burners (Erik included) held onto a reliable paycheck while they figured out how to make what they love truly viable.

With something as intangible as comedy, taking the leap is tough. “I think you can be talented enough in a trade to get a loan and start a business, but you can’t start a business just with words. To be successful enough in an art that you don’t need a day job sounds insane to me right now, but I hope to get there one day.”

Until that day comes, Curtis’s various temp jobs—which have spanned the gamut from scrubbing glass bottles with a dry rag to working in a stock room to making wine labels—give him plenty of time to mentally explore new material for shows. Though he says: “I never made a joke about scrubbing glass bottles. I never found a way to make that not just miserable.”  

High risk as it is, his parents have been nothing but supportive of his decision to pursue comedy. If they had concerns about him throwing away any professional potential, he says it was probably a conversation they would have had when he chose his college majors: writing and film. “I think having already thrown away so much by doing those degrees, choosing this career was as reasonable as choosing anything else in their minds,” he laughs.

And building a career in comedy possibly takes more time and diligence than building a standard profession. Curtis works hard. Ten-hour shifts are followed by almost-nightly open mics and showcases where he hones his distinctive fast-talking, long-winded brand of comedy (he’s known for his long slow-building rants that end in a clever payoff); on his three remaining days he works on material, makes a podcast, does interviews and essentially hustles. Growing up, he says, “I just thought you walked around being funny until one day you were so good at naturally being funny that Bob Hope parted the clouds and gave you a sitcom.”

But in fact, “There’re a lot of talented people in comedy who are really good at what they do and then that’s it. They don’t do anything with it. And that’s not enough. I think everyone’s gotta be on their grind to make it work.”

Not everyone is up for that level of risk. It’s a scary prospect. Unlike other jobs that have a set career path—milestones to tick off that push you to the next step up—there’s no tried and true route up the ladder of comedy, and no guarantees. “There’s the constant fear of utter failure, without a net. There’s no demotion, there’s just: great that was your one chance! ...When you see a biopic or read an autobiography, it’s all these people who have sacrificed everything and made it, but when you actually start doing comedy you see all these people who sacrificed everything but didn’t really get that far. Being exposed to that side of things adds a daunting perspective.”

On the flip side, the other frightening thing, he says, is being successful but losing the reasons you wanted that success in the first place: “It is really rough. You’ll see people going on stage telling jokes they don’t believe in—jokes they don’t want to be telling, but they get paid for it. And at that point I think: why aren’t you just doing a different job you don’t like?”

The latter seems an unlikely risk for Curtis. To him, hitting his flow on stage is borderline-transcendent: “There’s this super cheesy and ridiculous thing that happens sometimes when I’m on stage saying jokes and then there’s just a blackout when it’s like I’m there but I’m not there, and everything is going the way I want it to—I know what to say and how it’s gonna go, and everything’s going exactly that way. Knowing that that might come back for a minute is like, the best,” he says. “It sounds really over romanticised. But that feeling is always what I want when I do a show.”

There’s another thing Curtis shares with our other Bridge Burners: no real backup plan. For each of them, what they do isn’t just a job. It’s a complete, all-encompassing lifestyle. That, says Curtis has been the most unexpected part about his comedy career.

“I was surprised by how constantly personal it is. Like if I go to a job and some guy’s a jerk it doesn’t matter because these are just people I work with. I thought comedy would be the same feeling, but you’re really with these people and it’s such an enveloping thing. There’s a deep culture behind it that just stays with you presently, at all times.”

When you love what you do, that right there can be the mark of success. But for Curtis, success will look like eventually quitting his day job and dedicating himself completely to writing and stand-up. Then, maybe one day: “I want to be good enough that if you hear my voice or a joke I wrote, you’re just like, ‘That’s Curtis.’ Then if I could Don-Rickles-it—like I get to be old but my voice is so well-known that I’m the go-to guy for big-budget children’s movies—I’ll be like ‘yo, I made it.’ Being a voice in a children’s cartoon is the epitome of my dream right now.”

He’s got some time to get there. Until then, he’ll be entertaining “mixed” crowds across Bridge City (and maybe saving for a grownup duvet). “I’m young enough and things are going well enough for as long as I’ve been doing this, that I’ve just been letting myself go with the dream.”

For constant entertainment, follow Curtis on twitter.

Written by Amanda Lee Smith. 



Mother's Day Gift Guide May 01 2015

Mothers Day Portland

We’re making Mother’s Day easy! We have new selections from Portland’s own Dea Dia and Kiriko, as well as watches from Komono and wide brim hats from Westerlind. Click to shop our Mother's Day gift guide collection.  

Stockist Profile: Idun, St. Paul April 23 2015

We can't get enough of Dahlia Brue's women's boutique, Idun, located in St. Paul, Minnesota in the up-and-coming retail district of Cathedral Hill. We've actually been long time fans of Dahlia's aesthetic. Before Idun was born, Dahlia styled a photoshoot with Kate Arends of Wit & Delight featuring our Fall 2012 Erie coat. It was an honor for Bridge & Burn to be a featured brand when Idun opened it’s doors in 2014. Dahlia has truly mastered the art of "less is more" in her space; where she and visitors can comfortably explore and express their personal style. The stunning museum-like interior and meaningful curations make it a must-see if you visit the Twin Cities. 

Read along as Dahlia takes us through a little slice of what life is like in her neighborhood.

Tell us Idun’s backstory: 

Idun was born from a love for interesting designers and the beautiful pieces they made. I wanted to support them and bring their work to the Twin Cities. I wanted to create a place where women could feel/try on the clothing and leave feeling confident about themselves. Expressing who they are through what they wear.

What tunes are on regular rotation in your shop? 

“Say That” by Toro Y Moi, “Easy” by Son Lux, “A Dancing Shell” by Wild Nothing, “Everything is Embarrassing” by Sky Ferreira, “Genesis” by Grimes, “Chamakay” by Blood Orange, “Lovers in the Parking Lot” by Solange, “Fembot” by Robyn, and “Pendulum” by FKA Twigs.

What’s the best thing about doing business in your hood? 

Cathedral Hill in St. Paul is so focused on small businesses. People are unbelievably supportive and encouraging. We all want to see our neighbor succeed, so we do everything we can to see that happen. It's a really historic neighborhood with a lot of energy-Idun is lucky to be a part of such a great community!

What are a couple other must-visit spots in your hood? 

  • BlackBlue. A truly amazing men's apparel store. They have edited a quality and progressive collection. 
  • Nina's Coffee Cafe. Great coffee. The cornerstone of our neighborhood.
  • The Happy Gnome. Unreal craft beer selection and dry rub wings.
  • Solo Vino. A beautiful wine shop. Interesting variety and great service.

What’s your fave Bridge & Burn piece (and why)? 

The Warbler Jacket. The cut is great and the quality is even better.

Describe your ideal St Paul weekend:

Coffee and breakfast from Golden's Deli at the St. Paul Farmer's Market. Taking your kids/dogs on a walk along the river. Shopping in Cathedral Hill. Having dinner at Tanpopo Noodle Shop in Lowertown, St. Paul and seeing show at the Turf Club after with friends. Food, music and the great outdoors! 

Photo of Dahlia Brue by 2nd Truth Photography. Stop photos by Matt Blum Photography.

See what's going on at Idun by following them on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter.
And don't forget to visit Idun at 495 Selby Ave, St. Paul, MN.

Every Day is Earth Day April 22 2015

Everyday is Earth Day in the Pacific Northwest

Every day is Earth Day in the Pacific Northwest. Shop our Northwest inspired, local, earthy and green collection;
featuring items from Juniper Ridge, Manready Mercantile, Izola, Shwood and Dawn Strout.

New In: Pants for Men & Women April 07 2015

It's been a long time coming, but we're finally ready to introduce women's pants worthy of the Bridge & Burn label.
Introducing: the women's Ellis Pant and the Market Trouser. If you get them, share them - #PostYourPants

Bridge & Burn Women's Pants

The Market Trouser is a relaxed yet sophisticated chino with a straight leg fit. These trousers have stretch and are comfortable enough to wear all day at work with a button down, or casually with a tee.

The Ellis Pant is a super comfortable design with an elastic waistband, tapered leg, and front and back pockets, available in four different fabrics. You might find yourself wearing these everyday.


Men's Pants

We've had these for a while, but there's always room for updates! Here's what's in for spring.

Bridge & Burn Men's Pants

The Roark is a flat front, straight leg chino, with updated, perfectly placed asymmetrical back pocket finishings and contrast lining details. This season we made them in lightweight cotton canvas fabrics. The Polk 5-Pocket, a jean style pant with sturdy hardware and lapped seams, these can easily become an alternative to the everyday blue jean. Available in pre-washed, soft but durable cotton twill.

Bridge & Burn x Of a Kind: Exclusive Macleay Spring Jacket April 01 2015

We can't stay away from the lovely folks at Of a Kind, who need no introduction... But just in case you're in the dark, Of a Kind highlights designers and small companies, offering their limited edition designs that can't be found anywhere else. For our second collaboration, we've released an exclusive edition of the Macleay jacket that features a special bird print body lining and striped sleeve lining. Previously, we offered a special edition Waxed Warbler jacket, and they shared our 5 design principles and some of our favorite spots in Portland

Bridge & Burn Spring 2015 Launch Party March 24 2015

What: Bridge & Burn Spring 2015 Launch Party

When: Thursday, April 9th. 6:30PM - 9PM

Where: Bridge & Burn Flagship Store
               1122 SW Morrison St.
               Portland, OR 97205

Beer, cocktails and food on us. Sponsored by New Deal Distillery, Portland Juice Co and Sixpoint BreweryMusic by, XRAYfm, and floral decorations by Fieldwork Flowers.  Invite your friends on Facebook. See you April 9th! 

Thursday April 9th also marks a weekend long celebration of the Two Year Anniversary of our flagship store! 

Rich fabrics define the line, textured indigo dyed woven shirts and dresses, lightweight wind-resistant outerwear, durable ripstop for guys, and luxurious cupro and linen for ladies. Colors are influenced by the blue of the Pacific, the yellows of summer’s golden hour, and woodsy, natural greens. Pieces are designed to mix and match with ease, for those perfect days when you want to set sail in style, minus the fuss. This collection brings a new level of casual sophistication that’s the perfect complement to hot city days and breezy riverside evenings.

Stockist Profile: GROWop Boutique, Phoenix March 18 2015

Located in the Arts District of Downtown Phoenix, you can find one of Bridge & Burn’s most unique stockists, GROWop Boutique. GROWop's cooperative retail space is located in the middle of a community garden called Roosevelt Growhouse. This creative space, owned by Joshua Hahn and Kenny Barrett, gives local artists a growing opportunity to develop and sell their work.  

Josh gave us a peek into their shop, as well as some insider tips on things to do around Phoenix, Arizona.

Neighborhood: Our shop and garden is located in an old 1920's bungalow in Downtown Phoenix. For the past 10 years, the houses and vacant spaces down here have been converted into galleries, coffee shops, and boutiques that make up the arts district known as Roosevelt Row.

Tell us GROWop’s backstory: GROWop started in 2010 as an artist collective. It was basically a group of friends coming together to sell locally handmade goods along with curated vintage. We started small with only a handful of products in the shop, along with signs that read "Your art here".  The goal was to grow it organically with very little overhead. Since then we've stayed true to our roots and continue to sell locally handmade jewelry, candles, soaps, etc. If it's not locally made we source it throughout the US. We added modern clothing to the mix in order to offer size ranges for our customer. Our customer loves the mix of new and vintage.

What tunes are on regular rotation in your shop? Sylvan Esso, Broods, Purity Ring, and Alt-J.

What’s the best thing about doing business in your neighborhood? Only in downtown can you have a full blown community garden and a trendy boutique together in an old vintage house surrounded by skyscrapers... and that be completely normal. There's something honest and authentic about the grit, the mural covered buildings, and the revitalization of our neighborhood. I can't imagine us anywhere else.

What’s another must-visit spot in your neighborhood?
The Phoenix Public Market is a must. It's a restaurant coffee shop duo with big open windows, comfy seating, and good music. Also, on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings they host a farmer's market.

What’s your fave Bridge & Burn piece? 
The BURN Tee. It's a perfect blend of your branding and pop culture that appeals to so many different customers. Thumbs up!

Describe your ideal Phoenix weekend: Friday night: Grab a drink and see a show at Crescent BallroomSaturday: Grab some coffee and breakfast at Vovomeena. Then either spend the entire day thrifting and vintage shopping, or head to the Desert Botanical Garden and hike through Papago Park (the views are unreal). For dinner head to Cornish Pasty for a craft beer and a delicious anything-goes stuffed pasty. Sunday: Spend the morning gardening with us at Growhouse! Peruse the shop before you head over to Nami to enjoy the best ice cream in town (vegan too). I'd take some time exploring the shops and galleries of Roosevelt Row. There are so many great Instagram worthy photo ops with all of the murals too. Wrap the weekend up with a Michelada and Tinga Torta at Paz Cantina just around the corner from us.

Stay tuned on GROWop's happenings by following them on FacebookInstagram & Twitter.

OMFGCO x Bridge & Burn Six Panel Ball Caps March 09 2015

The Bridge & Burn x OMFGCO collaboration round three is here! A six panel, 100% cotton ball cap with a nylon strap, featuring a custom felt appliqué. You'll find the O caps available for purchase from OMFGCO online, and the B caps available and being repped by us at Bridge & Burn

Each cap is offered in three different colors: black, olive and the same denim pinstripe fabric we used for the Apron that sold out last December. By the way— a limited run are back in stock, you'll match! Made in the USA by Fairends.

The Cambie Reversible Jacket March 02 2015

We teamed up with the talented folks at Juliet Zulu to highlight our new Spring 15 Cambie Reversible JacketThey brought on Portland based photographers and brothers Parker and James Fitzgerald of Ransom Ltd. to execute a brilliant photo story of our Spring 2015 Cambie Reversible Jacket. 

Available in two different color ways, each jacket is made with a highly water resistant nylon ripstop material on one side, and a 100% mercerized cotton on the other. With welt pockets, single zipper chest pocket, a stand color, rib knit cuffs and a YKK nickel contrasting zipper, the Cambie Jacket is designed to be as simple and versatile as Bridge & Burn gets. 


Parker in the Cambie navy/red reversible, Depoe blue dobby and the Evergreen pocket tee
James in the BURN tee, Porteau Indigo Grid, and the Cambie navy/red and the Polk black pants. 


"The Bridge & Burn reversible jacket really inspired us to play with the idea of dual function and how it relates to similarities and differences between photographer partners and brothers, Parker and James Fitzgerald. These two brothers just seemed perfect to bring this concept to life." - Juliet Zulu


Treehouse Chocolate Valentine's Day Sampling February 13 2015

What: Treehouse Chocolate pop-up sampling
Where1122 SW Morrison St, PDX 
When: February 14th, while supplies last

Stop by our flagship store this Valentine's day and sample Treehouse Chocolate Co's drinking chocolate. We had it at our Tally Gunstone collaboration party last November and it was a hit! So, we're bringing it back again for a fitting holiday. 

Added bonus, the first 10 customers will get a free 1.4 oz Original Camp packet of drinking chocolate! 

Product info: 72% Cacao chocolate with organic coffee. Crafted in small batches using cacao sourced from Acopagro farmer owned cooperative in Northern Peru. If you love it, Treehouse Chocolate is available for purchase in major cities along the west coast

Gift Guide: Valentine's for Him and Her February 11 2015

For Her
Jewelry handmade in Portland by Dea Dia, Izola soothing soaps, handcrafted in Oregon Juniper Ridge home scents, super soft color appropriate socks and lightweight outerwear for spring.  Shop Now >


For Him
U.S. made Two Feet Ahead socks, a new Daniel Wellington watch, Wood&Faulk leather wallet, brass Izola shoe horn, hand poured soaps by Maak Lab and a spring outerwear piece.  Shop Now >

Bridge Burners Vol. 7 - Alex Day / Proprietors LLC February 04 2015

Creating Bridge & Burn required a leap of faith. Founder, Erik Prowell quit his job as a software developer, lit the proverbial match, and threw it—burning the bridge of working for anyone else behind him. With no formal training he trusted his smarts and his strong work ethic, and took the plunge. In that spirit, Bridge Burners is a series showcasing people who are taking a similar leap.

If any one ever tells you that bartending isn’t a real job, just mention Alex Day.

Alex was on a course towards a distinguished life of letters. In the midst of a degree in European Studies—thinking he’d become a professor or maybe a diplomat—the Bend, OR, native was working at Manhattan dive bars to pay his way through NYU.

With his sharp intellect and love for history, academia seemed like a sensible career path. Except for one thing. “I like being in big cities. I like being deep within culture. And at the end of the day most professors teach in little shitty towns and don’t get to live where they want. Only the best ones get to live in New York and, let’s be honest, I’m not going to be the smartest professor in the world.”

So when faced with the decision to pursue graduate studies or make a career out of mixology, he chose the latter. It was a decision that came with plenty of self doubt, but as the joint-owner of four (soon to be six) bars on both coasts, a successful consultancy, and the co-author of one of the world’s best-selling cocktail books, Alex has no regrets.

“You go from thinking you’ll become a teacher or pursue diplomatic service—like these things that really matter in the world. And you think, well, I’m serving somebody a drink… does that matter? And it’s certainly a crisis moment.”

It turns out, everything he wanted from education or foreign service—to travel, to teach and to learn as much as possible about people, culture and ideas—he’s been able to do through the lens of bartending. “And I might even make more money,” he concedes.

But unlike the career path of a diplomat, in the cocktail industry there are no rules—no boxes to check, no four-year diploma that churns out lemon squeezers, cocktail shakers, swizzle stirrers. There’s no Masters degree in mixology. And for Alex, there was also no one telling him he couldn’t just do it.


His success breaks down to one part right-place-right-time and nine parts ass-busting-hard-work.

“Now that mixology has gotten more credit, people are trying to skip the steps of working hard, working at a lot of places, not having much of a social life for a while and not getting much recognition. That’s really the only reason I got to where I did—because people saw I was working hard.”

A career in mixology, it turned out, offered the vibrant community Alex knew he needed to thrive, but also the intellectual stimulation he originally sought through academia. When he first got hired at Death & Co—one of the bars he now owns with business partner David Kaplan—he says, “I was around some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met... The demand for attention to detail, and the focus on history, accuracy and creativity mean a certain kind of person is corralled within that culture.”

It also deeply engaged his love of history and society: “There’s all this lore and culture wrapped up in cocktails, and since the world of drinking is about drinking, it’s hard to pin down accurate details. That element of mystery also appealed to me.”

Alex fell into his first bar manager role at the budding age of 22 and bounced around a few New York bars making a name for himself before landing a role at hot spot Death & Co. When Kaplan invited him to partner up on a consulting project—designing the bar for Philadelphia’s Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.—they went into business together and formed Proprietors LLC. “I started becoming an owner based on my sweat equity and it built up from there,” Alex explains.

Today, Alex doesn’t spend that much time behind a bar. Though he maintains a presence on both coasts, these days he’s most often at the lab-like Proprietors office in downtown LA: developing new drinks and the craft of mixology, advising and designing bars for clients and more recently, overseeing construction of their most ambitious project to date—two adjacent cocktails bars, each with its own ambiance, below ten rooms in a Koreatown hotel, all set to open early this year.

“I would be lying if I said there wasn’t an identity crisis. My career is based upon my bartending—what I’ve done and what people have been able to take pictures of in a glass. Moving from that to a responsible business owner who spends the majority of his time looking after nitty gritty details of a business is challenging. Because it’s not technically why I got into this industry.”

There’s a funny thing about the service industry hierarchy: good servers and bartenders can do really well and typically make more money than management. And as Alex himself admits: “It’s hard to make a living off one bar as an owner.”

So why not stay behind the bar, pocketing a comfortable wage and enjoying the freedom of leaving work behind you after each night? “You do it because you want to have more influence and responsibility and to grow as a person. It’s incredibly masochistic, but I’ve always been drawn to making larger decisions, of taking on more responsibility.”

Does he ever want to throw it off and go back to tending bar? “All the time. Every day.”

But, he says the beauty of running a business is he really can do whatever he wants.

“Maybe this is way too sociological, but there’s something in how I was raised that let me entertain the idea that I can do anything. Since no one has really put up much resistance to the idea, it’s constantly a test of what’s possible. Is it possible to open up three bars in one year? Yeah, seems that way. Will people respond? Yeah, they do! Can we make a cocktail book that compares to coffee table books and makes you feel you’re walking into a New York bar? Sure. I mean, what hubris! What a ridiculous thing to do.”

But done it, he has. Because when there are no rules, you go out and make your own.

Written by Amanda Lee Smith. 

That's a wrap! Year in Review: 2014 January 14 2015

A lot can happen in a year, we'd like to take some time to look back at our favorite moments of 2014. To start off, we celebrated our one year anniversary in our Flagship retail space in downtown Portland in May. Our team grew from four to eight with new additions in marketing and retail. Our women's line has continued to expand thanks to our designer Audrey, and mens line kept consistent and fresh under the eye of Erik. 

Here is a roundup of artists, writers, designers, bloggers and entrepreneurs that we had the privilege of working with in 2014. 


Collaborating with with like-minded creatives keeps us going.  Without the support of our community and artists around us, we wouldn't be where we are today. These are notable mentions of who we teamed up with to design something special in 2014. 

  Bridge & Burn x Tally Gunstone Tees               OMFGCO Apron                                                 Of A Kind Warbler Jacket

Wood & Faulk Wallet                                           Tsuyumi Waxed Cotton Hats                            Adidas Crewneck Sweatshirts 


Bridge Burners:

A series kicked off in December of 2013 and taken hold of by Amanda Lee Smith where we feature like minded artists, entrepreneurs, and business owners to share their story. 

  Dane Brown & Clinton McDougall/Bestie       Matt Pierce / Wood & Faulk                              Ryann Bosetti / The Tropics

  Ben Love & Van Havig / Gigantic Brewing     Keighty Gallagher / Tight Club                         Shannon Guirl / Caravan Pacific.

Social Collaborations

There are a lot of people we admire for their unique aesthetic and point of view, here are some bloggers, entrepreneurs, stylists, writers and photographers (sometimes all in one!) that we partnered with. Be sure to follow all of them on your favorite social platforms to see what they think up next! 

  Emmadime                                                             The Moptop                                                        Another Feather

     Jojotastic                                                                Meredith Adelaide                                              The Fresh Exchange

Stockist Roundup

Bridge & Burn is carried in shops across the U.S., Canada, Japan, Germany. We give a special thanks to those businesses who sell our brand across the world. We'll continue to feature those businesses in 2015 and hope to one day be carried in all the best shops in the world. 

   Stag                                                                          Oak Common                                                        The Block

  Stripe                                                                       Seedstore                                                                  Individual Medley 

Editorial Roundup:

Our most popular images of 2014. Luckily Portland is full of attractive people, talented photographers, stylists and makeup artists that make these images possible. Lifestyle shoots are one of our favorite things to do, and if we could just shoot all day with everyone we love, you bet we would. 

  Detroit Lake                                                           Win Always                                                          Cotton Makers

Stay tuned for more Stockist ProfilesBridge Burners and Collaborations in 2015. And if you'd like to reach out and work with us, visit our contact page here

Cheers to a great 2015! 

Stockist Profile: Oak Common, Oakland December 31 2014

Oakland residents are overjoyed with Jeffrey Probart and David Yun’s brick-and-mortar shop, Oak Common. As you can see by their Yelp reviews, locals were in dire need of a hip men's and women’s clothing store. Jeffrey and David came to the rescue and did it in style-- Oak Common is cozy, beautifully curated, and stocked with carefully selected goods. We love their dedication to detail as showcased by their Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook that we are so excited to be featured in.

We chatted with Jeffrey (pictured below) about their shop and living in the great East Bay area.

Neighborhood: Grand Lake District

Tell us Oak Common’s backstory: I, Jeffrey, was a buyer for over 10 years at several boutiques around San Francisco in areas like the Haight Ashbury and the Castro District. David and I moved to Oakland about 4 years ago from SF. Once we settled in, we decided the timing was right to open our own shop! At that time, two years ago, we noticed the lack of places to shop for the type of goods and clothing that we personally love. Oak Common has a collection of small, more indie brands like Bridge & Burn and Curator to timeless larger brands like Pendleton and Fjällräven. We also have a great selection of market goods, some of our favorites include Kat and Roger pottery, P.F. soy candles and our jewelry which is all from local bay area artists!

What tunes are on regular rotation in your shop? Sharon Van Etten, Father John Misty, Angel Olsen and Kurt Vile. We also love old stuff like Françoise Hardy and Donovan.

What’s the best thing about doing business in Oakland? Oakland has welcomed Oak Common in a big way! Our selection has been well received and is always growing based on feedback from our loyal customers. Oaklanders are big on supporting the city's local economy by shopping small and especially when it comes to hand crafted goods made locally.

What’s another must-visit spot in your hood? Being on Grand Avenue in the Grand Lake District is awesome! We have so many new and exciting spots like Ordinaire Wine Bar and Alchemy Bottle Shop, as well as the more established foodie haunts like Boot & Shoe Service and Camino. Also on Grand Ave. is one of the best farmers markets in Oakland, which is on Saturdays. The historic Grand Lake Movie Theater is also amazing!

What’s your fave Bridge & Burn piece? Our favorite Bridge & Burn pieces this season (it's so hard!) are going to have to be the Stonestreet jacket and the Depoe Indigo Herringbone shirt. For women we love the Hemlock Chambray shirt and the Lily skirt.

Describe your ideal Oakland weekend: Our ideal weekend usually includes brunch with bloody marys, a walk around Lake Merritt, checking out other neighborhoods like Old Oakland and Temescal and hanging with our two Chihuahuas (Pancho + Lola), exploring the amazing parks in the Oakland Hills where we live.

Stay up-to-date with what's happening at Oak Common on FacebookInstagram, & Twitter.

Gift Guide: Studio Creative December 16 2014

1. Ragg Wool Watch Cap Oatmeal, 2. OMFGCO Collaboration Apron, 3. Misc Goods Co Ceramic Flask, 4. Forage Bow Tie Denim, & Depoe Blue Dobby.

Early morning on their bus ride or bike to work, they've got their coffee machine set to go, table cleared and tools ready. The studio is prepped, the coat comes off, Spotify is turned on, and apron is tied— it's time to get their hands dirty. Whether they're throwing pots, pattern making a new collection, designing a new website, or creating a masterful illustration, personal style is never sacrificed. This is our gift guide for the hard working, hands on creative.

1. Lily Skirt, 2. Ragg Wool Watch Cap Charcoal, 3. Columbiaknit BURN Women's Crew, 4. Pendleton Thomas Kay Scarf, 5. Misery Loves Co Mug, 6. & lisa b. Birds Eye Sock Red.

To shop for the studio creatives in your life, head over to our full collections for men and women.

Get The Bridge & Burn Look December 12 2014


The classic Roark pant, the best button up of the season, and the Stonestreet Jacket. Shop the men's look here
Breaking it down to the basics of our Fall 14 collection. The most versatile looks of the season, you'll look sharp anywhere you go. This season is clean and versatile and that's just how we like it. If you're shopping for a gift or for yourself, this is a great place to start. 


The Alvord waxed cotton jacket, the Bird in a super soft polkadot flannel, and our Pacific Standard waxed cotton clutch are some of our most classic pieces. 

Layer the Alvord with a button up and a heavier coat on top for the quintessential Bridge & Burn ladies look. Shop the women's look collection here

Give Good Gift / Union Pine December 12 2014

Last week we took part in the Portland Bazaar. This week, we're participating in Gift Good Gift at Union Pine
Give Good Gift is one day only this time around. So stop by from 10a.m. to 8p.m. and shop a great curation of Oregon brands including Another Feather, Jacobsen Salt co., Portland Apothecary, and Stumptown Coffee


OMFGCO X Bridge & Burn December 10 2014

Mess-makers of the world rejoice! We got together with our friends at OMFGCO to collaborate on a new apron—now with 100% more denim! Constructed from 13 oz denim with a 100% linen liner, contrasting red bar tack stitching and YKK zippers, this apron is handsome, durable and functional. We gave it a test run with our friends at Woodblock Chocolate, Maak Lab, and OMFGCO'S studio manager—who also happens to make beautiful ceramics—Alexandria Cummings.  

Pick one up todayyour clothes will thank you for it.

WOODBLOCK CHOCOLATE MANUFACTORYWoodblock Chocolate is 70% cacao, but 100% delicious. The aprons we designed with OMFGCO exude such good taste, we bet after they wear it, their chocolate tastes even better. 


MAAK LABSave your clothes! The design of this new apron is perfect for all of your working needs. Kindly modeled by our friends at Maak Lab, who are down to get dirty, and pros at gettin’ clean. 


ALEX CUMMINGS CERAMICIST Have you met our friend and OMFGCO co-conspirator Alex Cummings? When she isn’t producing projects at OMFGCO, she throws a mean pot. She is pictured here adorably modeling our new apron collaboration. 


All photos taken by the talented, Cara Denison.

Gift Guide: Game Time December 06 2014

MEN                                                                                                      WOMEN

Holiday Gift Guide for the sporty one on your shopping list. No matter who you are, there's always that one team or sport you root for. Whether you're roped into being a family fan, or never miss a single basketball game— grabbing a beer and watching the game brings everyone together. Slip into our game time apparel and make the night that much more spirited. 

For men, the crew ColumbiaKnit BURN sweatshirt, Bounce tee, Umatilla Canvas Navy, and the classic beanie

For women, the Dawson Wool with waxed sleeves, Wool Beanie and the Commitment Dedication Hustle tee. 


Stockist Profile: Yardsale Trading Co, Newcastle December 05 2014

Yardsale Trading Co is a relatively new boutique in the up-and-coming Newcastle neighborhood, Islington. The founders, Shellie & Neil Smith, bring a Pacific Northwest vibe to their Australian shop by primarily carrying brands like Bridge & Burn that are based in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. We were thrilled to have Shellie share their story & give us a sneak peek into what life is like in Newcastle.

Neighborhood: Islington- it’s a great little area just west of Newcastle CBD. The area has always had a bit of a reputation amongst locals as “the red light district” but this has really changed over the last few years with a great mix of students, couples and young families really taking over the area without changing its underlying vibe. There is also a great cluster of eclectic independent shops with a strong vintage and antique presence. If you are after somewhere interesting and unique without the edges polished, Islington is the place to be.

Tell us the Yardsale Trading's backstory: Yardsale has been a dream for us for many years. Neal is a visual artist and has always tended to do whatever to support his practice, I worked as an Architect (unhappily) for many years, so we have always wanted to start something that enabled us to work together in an independent and creative way. After getting particularly fed up with life behind a desk, we decided to chuck it all in, go traveling for 3 years and then we come back to Newcastle and become our own bosses. The majority of our time traveling was spent on the west coast of Canada, and I think the laid-back lifestyle and DIY mentality of the Pacific Northwest really connected with us. I think its this vibe that we try to bring to Yardsale, whether it be in the brands we stock or the products we produce in house. We are always looking for quality, timelessness and practicality when stocking our shop.

What tunes are on regular rotation in your shop? At the moment, Australian artist, Courtney Barnett is getting a fair bit of airplay.

What’s the best thing about doing business in your hood? The community, for sure. Islington has such a diverse, friendly and supportive spirit. We have always lived around the area and feel really lucky to have been able to open our little shop and be so well supported.

What’s another must-visit spot in your hood? Auld & Grey, right next door to Yardsale. You just never know what wonderful and unique bits and bobs are going to turn up in this eclectic emporium of soft industrial and salvaged curiosities. The eccentric Aunty and Niece duo are always on the hunt for the extraordinary.

What’s your fave Bridge & Burn piece? All of the Waxed Canvas Jackets! Australia has a long tradition of wearing “oil skins” in the bush, so we find the Bridge & Burn waxed canvas jackets are a contemporary and wearable version of an outback classic.

Describe your ideal Newcastle weekend: We always keep a close eye on what is going on through the local website Hunter Hunter. There’s always something going on around the area now that Newcastle has really shifted away from it’s industrial image. The arts community here is really thriving, which was spurred on by organizations such as This is Not Art Festival and the Renew Newcastle project. 

Mornings: When we have a day off, we always head straight to Nobby’s Breakwall for a walk out to the ocean. Newcastle has some of the best beaches on the east coast of Australia so a dip in the surf is always on the cards.

Afternoons: Afternoons are usually spent pottering around our backyard and working on our veggie patch. The awesome thing about Newcastle is its climate, we sit right on the border between the tropical North and temperate South, which means we can grow everything from bananas and passionfruit to kale and broad beans.

Evenings: The best way to spend the evening is on the balcony of Casa De Loco, eating empanadas, drinking sangria and catching the afternoon sea breeze before heading to the Terrace Bar. Terrace Bar is located in an old stripped out Victorian era terrace and showcases eclectic mix of live music and DJ’s. Plus, their beer and wine list comes from small local vineyards and craft breweries.

Best way to end a weekend: Sunday mornings wouldn’t start well without a lazy breakfast at Baked Uprising before hitting Islington to explore the numerous antique and vintage shops to unearth some treasure. The best way to round off the weekend would be to spend the afternoon meeting up with friends and kicking back at The Edwards Bar for “Spit and Pong” while waiting for your washing to finish at their in house Laundromat.

Wood&Faulk Holiday Pop Up December 03 2014

Bridge & Burn is hosting a holiday Pop Up Shop at the flagship retail space featuring the handmade goods of Portland's own, Wood&Faulk. From December 4th through the 24th we'll be carrying a wide assortment of the Wood & Faulk collection exclusively for the holiday season. The founder of Wood&Faulk, Matt Pierce was recently featured in Bridge Burners Vol. 3.

These high quality bags, leather goods, and accessories make perfect gifts. View our collection here.

We're hosting a party! Everyone is invited to come see our curated collection of Wood & Faulk and enjoy cocktails provided by New Deal Distillery. Bring your friends to shop, party, and meet the Wood&Faulk crew.

When: Thursday Dec. 4 from 6 - 8PM
Where: 1122 SW Morrison St. Portland Or, 97205
RSVP to the event here


Another Feather x Bridge & Burn December 02 2014

Perfectly whitewashed with hits of gold and silver—Hannah Ferrara’s life on Instagram looks as soothing as the quietrock of a weatherbeaten rowboat. The jewelry designer—operating under her brand Another Feather—handmakes comfortable, minimal pieces, inspired by ancient relics and heirlooms.

We had admired each other’s work for years, and knew her quietly exquisite aesthetic was the ideal complement to the pared-down basics in our Fall 14 line. So when she moved to Portland last spring, we invited her to style and direct our latest lookbook.

Inspired by classic Japanese house-wear and west coast comfort, she chose super wearable pieces with neutral color pallets, cozy textures and easy draping. In the same way that her jewelry pieces add understated class, she elevated our Fall basics by creating monochromatic ensembles—assembling unexpected layers that put focus on the cut and textures, and considered details like collars and cuffs. Set against a stark mid-century home, the result is a sense of modern minimalism that we adore.

Click to view full gallery.

Photos by Cara Denison. HMUA Patty Harding. Model Serena Killion. Location provided by Cole Gerst of Option-G.

November Round Up November 26 2014

We've had a busy month here at Bridge & Burn. From our collaboration release of Gunstone X Bridge & Burn to the release of our Cotton Makers video and the beginning to the end of Post Your Patch, where the winners were announced here and here

There's a lot to be thankful for all year round, but to commemorate all we have to be thankful for, we want to share the love. Especially to our loyal customers, followers and to everyone who is joining the Bridge & Burn team as the months go on and we grow.  We're offering a 10% off this Wednesday through Saturday November 26th - 29th with the code 10GIVINGS.

Also, we wouldn't be where we are without the support of our local community. Which is why we are taking part in Little Boxes PDX. Shop locally and get a discount at each participating store you visit this Friday and Saturday. There will be free coffee for anyone who wants to come hang out and shop with us this weekend.

Gunstone x Bridge & Burn Collaboration Event November 19 2014

This Thursday, (tomorrow!) at 6:00p.m we're inviting everyone who's in town to come on over to the studio and celebrate the launch of our collaboration with Tally Gunstone. She's a multitalented graphic designer and outdoor enthusiast, born and raised in Portland, Oregon, a true native of the Pacific Northwest. 

With Tally, we've created a line of graphics for men and women inspired by our scenic adventures in the Pacific Northwest. The entire Gunstone x Bridge & Burn Collection can be found here. 

Drinks will be provided by New Deal Distillery, treats from Treehouse Chocolate Co., and food on us— we hope to see you there! 

Event details: 
When: Thursday, November 20th from 6:00-8:00PM
Where: 1122 SW Morrison St. Portland, OR 97205
RSVP: let us know you're coming on Facebook and please, invite your friends if you have them.