Staff Picks: Sarah C, Customer Service & Office Manager/General Badass

Sarah does so many things in her role that we still have’t been able to land on a suitable title. But know this: if you call Bridge & Burn, there’s a 99% chance she’ll be the helpful voice on the other end of the line.

She joined the team a year ago as we were gearing up to launch our flagship store. We were growing quickly and needed a great administrator to make sure questions get answered, returns get processed, deliveries get put through, and accounts get balanced. We found it all in this troop-rallying, lunchtime-jogging, popcorn-eating ray of sunshine.

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Define your style in a sentence: I have an eclectic style—it's all over the place, but above all I look for pieces that fit well and are functional.

Favorite spot in Portland: One of my favorite spots in town is Peninsula Park. Most people don't know it's the original Rose Garden.

Best kept secret in Portland: La Sirenita on Alberta has some of the most delicious, cheap Mexican food this side of California. When you’re done, go next door and have the Old Fashion Crumble donut at Tonalli's Donuts & Cream.

Currently Watching: True Detective!

Album on Repeat: At the moment, CD #4 of Waylon Jennings' Box Set 

Favorite B&B piece this season: The Reed jacket—it’s a new design for us and it fits great!

Sarah shared some of her other top picks for Summer 2014: Oregon Pine Tote, BURN Scoop Tee, Sons & Daughters Leather Clutch, Reed JacketBird Herringbone Shirt, Maak Lab soaps, Cut-off Camp Shorts, and the Seneca Sweatshirt in Blue Stripe.