Responsible Manufacturing

All our pieces are designed in Portland, and manufactured in both China and the US.

We make all our T-shirts, knits and totes custom in San Francisco, and print them here in Portland.

In China, we work with a small Canadian-owned boutique factory that produces high quality goods in small batch runs.

We’re incredibly lucky to have a special arrangement with the factory owner who we visit in preparation for each new season. It means we’re in the unique position of being able to produce runs of less than 150 pieces per style—something that’s virtually unheard of, and a huge privilege. That’s right, we’re honored to work with our factory partners because they hold production quality and social welfare to the highest standard. As an added bonus, customers know, when they buy a piece from Bridge & Burn, it’s always limited edition.  

We know that the quality of a garment depends on the skill of the sewer—no matter where it’s made—and we work with the best. Our sewers work under excellent conditions and are fairly compensated for their work. Not only does our factory comply with regional laws and regulations and US import requirements, the owner helped establish international standards for fair labor practices. He believes in—and lives out—slow, sustainable growth.

It means we can maintain a level of incredible quality while growing our team in sales, marketing, and customer service here in Portland.