Beats & Burn: Laura Arbo + Sunny Eckerle

Beats & Burn: Laura Arbo + Sunny Eckerle

Beats & Burn Vol. 38 - July

You know that feeling in the depths of winter when you're envisioning summer road trips to your favorite camping spot and it's almost like you can smell the campfire, it's so real? Well, this playlist is perfect for the real deal summer weekends and the moments of far off daydreams too. Read on to see how this playlist and amazing artwork came to be, and listen to the Spotify playlist below. Enjoy!


About The Playlist

"I've believed in the power of music my entire life. I grew up playing violin & piano & kept a pretty impressive tape & CD collection. As a young girl, I'd stay awake (way later than allowed), listening to my local radio show's top 9 songs of the day just waiting for my favorites so I could press record on my tape player. Music is such a gift.  I create playlists based upon how a song makes me feel. All of the songs listed below stir up a deeper emotion in me which shows how powerful + beautiful + healing music can be. Enjoy! :)"

Laura Arbo
@laura_elizabeth |

Laura Arbo is a marketing whiz by day and adventure blogger by night. Based in Portland, OR, she can be found exploring all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer with her husband Matt.


About The Cover Art

"One of my favorite things is being left to my own devices. Those times when there's no deadlines and no plans and I can do whatever I feel like doing in that moment. Often times for me that's just being at home, enjoying the space and usually listening to music. I wanted this illustration to show that feeling of contentedness - of being in a place you feel safe and calm, knowing there's no where you have to go and nothing you have to do."

- Sunny Eckerle
@sunnyeckerle |

Sunny Eckerle is an illustrator living and working in Portland, OR. She has done work for IFC/Portlandia, Red Bull, Penguin Random House, and many others, and loves exploring the PNW with her cat, Vada.