Beats & Burn Vol. 15 - March Playlist

Beats & Burn Vol. 15 - March Playlist

It's Beats & Burn Vol. 15! 

It's the Beats and Burn REVOLUTION Spring Break Edition!  Inspired by current events,  DJ Honest John of XRAY.FM takes us back in time to his hometown of Miami, Circa 1968, while Portland illustrator, Ryan Berkley, takes on "MARCH" with the command of a well-coiffed Lion. 

This is the 15th volume of our monthly Beats & Burn series, a collaboration with Portland's local, independent radio station


Playlist by DJ Honest John / Savage Beat Radio Show

"While putting this mix together, I imagined what it'd be like to hear these songs in Miami Beach on spring break, 1968. Navigating a maze of umbrellas on a crowded beach, with a portable radio. Surfers, beatniks, beach bums and immigrants from all over, mixing together in the sand and warm waters of the Atlantic. It's an election year. We're mad about the war in Vietnam and nobody is voting for Nixon. We're all there, united by a common lust for sun, sex, drugs and the groovy 'in sounds' of rock & roll."

More about John: I was born and raised in Miami, FL. It's a complicated, weird city that's also very special and a major source of inspiration for me. I try to carry the spirit of that town with me wherever I go. When I moved from Florida to Portland, I discovered this rad little neighborhood bar called Tiga (RIP) that hosted DJs pretty much every night. I owe a lot to Tiga because that gig helped me develop the concept for my radio show, Savage Beat, which is what you're hearing on this mix.

Catch DJ Honest John on XRAY.FM every Saturday from 3-5pm.


Cover Art by Ryan Berkley / Berkley Illustration / @theberkleys

"March comes in like a lion, or this year in Portland, like a soggy lion, so this handsome gentleman was an obvious choice for me. I like the double usage of "March" in terms of music too. It's a powerful command and beat which also seems akin to a lion."

More about Ryan: My style is highly detailed, naturally inspired, with a sense of humor. I'm currently working on a solo show called "Natural Values" and it looks at animals and flora of nature and how they can inspire human traits and values. It's a bit like classic scientific lithographs but with a modern cultural spin. The animals I draw will be naked in this one. 

Ryan's solo show will open at Land Gallery in Portland on May 5th. 


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