Beats & Burn Vol. 16 - April Playlist

Beats & Burn Vol. 16 - April Playlist


DJ Bob Ham brings us a rare mix of all brand new music (some yet to be released) to celebrate all the new-ness that April ushers in, while our guest cover artist, Corbin Lamont, wraps it all up with her carefully selected trove of little totems to hold close as we proceed into spring.

This is the 16th volume of our monthly Beats & Burn series, a collaboration with Portland's local, independent radio station


Playlist by DJ Bob Ham / Robert

"About two years ago, my family and I found a house out in deep SE Portland and have been slowly turning into a little sanctuary all our own. Planting trees, prepping the ground for gardening, and tending to the vegetation that was already here. So this time of year is all about the excitement of new growth and new possibilities. Seeing new buds on the trees and the flowers on our dogwood tree opening up. The daffodils and tulips giving our front yard little blasts of color. So with the feeling of fresh growth and rebirth, I focused my mix on new music. All the songs featured on it are from albums that were just released or are about to come out in the next few weeks. It follows the arc of a spring day, opening with lots of energy and spirit and then slowly calming down and becoming more restful."

More about Bob:

I run the the blog Experimental Portland, writing about Portland's experimental music scene. My byline is most often found in the Portland Mercury, The Oregonian, Alternative Press, Paste, and Tiny Mix Tapes. I am passionate about sharing new music, so when I'm not covering or mixing music myself, I love to organize concerts featuring artists from around the world.


Cover Art by Corbin Lamont / / @corbinlamont

"Emergence, making waves, riding them, summer seeking, drifting away. April is a fickle little time of year. Everyone coming out of their shells but our skin is still all pale and dry. Considering these drawings as little totems to hold close as we proceed into spring."

More about Corbin:

I'm a designer and artist with a mobile practice that hopes to connect humanity through moments of transition and universal commonality. Currently head over heels happy to be hosting L.A. based creative Sara Leimbach in my studio, Office of Virtue, for a two-week long residency. We'll be spinning records and drinking drinks at the studio this Friday 4-7pm for Design Week Portland as part of their open houses. Super excited to have the space open to the public—come hang with us!


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