Beats & Burn Vol. 47

Beats & Burn Vol. 47: Thomas Le Dluz

Days are slowly getting shorter, and you might be pulling on a jacket for that morning walk. This month’s Beats & Burn playlist was curated by artist Thomas Le Dluz and is a nod towards the end of summer as we head into autumn.
About The Music
"It's the end of summer, and somehow, don't ask me why, it was gonna be a rodeo summer. It was decided at the end of last summer. A couple of rodeo happened already, but this year was the year of plenty. Next thing you know, death is at the corner or the street. And life is canceled. This artwork and playlist are the illustration and soundtrack of that stolen summer. And that's not really what matters"
About Thomas Le Dluz:
Thomas is a French artist living in Portland and working as a graphic and motion designer in an advertising agency. 
He explores universal concepts like love, fear, freedom, death, trust, pleasure, suffering... through his own symbols and representations. Trying to find beauty in every aspect of these notions, he uses old salvage material to give his work the timelessness that reinforce that universality.”