Beats & Burn Vol. 53: Chris Hughes & Lisa Ostapinski

Beats & Burn Vol. 53: Chris Hughes & Lisa Ostapinski

Lisa Ostapinski Cover Art

About the Playlist

"This is a collection of songs I enjoy. Some for the lyrics, some for the melody, some for the way they make me feel." – Chris Hughes


Playlist by Artifact Bags Founder, Chris Hughes

Chris was the guitarist and vocalist for the Omaha post punk / art rock band Beep Beep. He is currently the founder of ARTIFACT, a company that designs and makes carry goods, aprons, and accessories with emphasis on quality, utility, and timeless design.


About the Cover

Arches and rainbows are significant as portals for me, as gateways to new ways of thinking and being as well as altered states of consciousness. Rainbows, color and light are magic; they are delightful and surprising. Even though we know why they occur through scientific explanation they still evoke a sense of the magical and mysterious. My work is an exploration of the potential for abstract forms and luminous materials to communicate ideas about the divine. 


Cover Art by Lisa Ostapinski

Lisa Ostapinski @honeycombdaughter is a painter and art educator based in the Bay Area California. She uses a variety of materials including encaustic/beeswax, oil painting, carving and metal leaf gilding. Her work combines archaic media with modern forms producing a fresh, contemporary take on these historical techniques.