Beats & Burn Volume 22 - DJ Jordan Rasmussen

Beats & Burn Volume 22 - DJ Jordan Rasmussen

Cover art by Haley Ann Bradley

It’s raining, it’s chilly, and we’re knee deep in the busiest time of the year. While you’re cooped up inside (possibly with a brood of extended relatives), blast this mix to keep the energy high and the bad vibes at bay. We guarantee this will be the most unique Thanksgiving soundtrack your family has ever heard.

Cover art by Haley Ann Bradley.

This is the 22nd volume of our monthly Beats & Burn series, a collaboration with Portland's local, independent radio station


Playlist by DJ Jordan Rasmussen / Host of Cascadio

These songs soundtrack the rain sliding into the feelings that wane then feel again, the thoughts that form amidst a rare moment of silence, and the sound of rain falling once more. This playlist was made for Bridge & Burn with the intent of mirroring the sounds and transitory feelings of Fall. Beginning with the slow-building ambient techno of Suzanne Kraft, the playlist ventures into lo-fi club soundscapes, viscerally earnest pop, and everything else in between. The playlist features songs by Portland-based artists Stranger Ranger and Portland Compressor, as well as a song by Choir Boy from Salt Lake City, Jordan's hometown.”

More about Jordan:

"Jordan is one of the newer DJs at XRAY.FM and host of Cascadio, which is broadcasted live on XRAY at 2 PM every Tuesday. Since transitioning from KSPU to XRAY, Jordan has been delving deeper into the experimental side of electronic music while continuing with the theme of intimate bedroom pop that was prominent during Jordan's tenure at KPSU. Jordan has been listening to Show Me The Body, Dreamcrusher, Lee Gamble, Princess Nokia, and Strange Ranger on-repeat for the past few weeks.”
Jordan believes that social media is the biggest threat to personal autonomy and privacy right now, but nonetheless you can like Cascadio on Facebook, just don't message him.


Cover art by Haley Ann Bradley / / @studio.hecha

About the art: “Lately, I've been experimenting with quick 5 minute, what I call "brain blurts" either on the computer or with construction paper. The exercise has been super beneficial and in letting my mind wander and go where it needs to go, but also ends up becoming something really great with zero pressure attached to it. A lot of times I'm able to take these quick sketches and expand on them for certain projects (such as this one). It's a great way to get what's in my head out, and I love the spontaneity of it.”

More about Haley:

“Studio Hecha is a namesake of the design realm of Haley Ann Bradley (formally Robinson). By instilling pragmatic beauty into functional objects, Bradley's work embodies a modern, clean sophistication with hints of playful, organic moments. Studies in Graphic Design and color theory influence her artistic choices in both execution and direction. Use of pattern brings a gentle cheekiness, revealing Bradley's humor and passion for shape. Surrendering to color, she allows each object to guide her through her process, providing a crucial dialogue between object and artist.”
Haley’s full-time gig is creating textile patterns for a local company, but she can also be found directing photoshoots, perfecting her ceramics line (Hecha), and collaborating with other creatives.


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