Beats & Burn Volume 31 - DJ Bob Ham

Beats & Burn Volume 31 - DJ Bob Ham

Cover art by Douglas Lazenby

Easing into the end of Summer feels a lot nicer with a soundtrack of smooth jazz in the background. DJ Bob Ham curated a mix of mellow, winding tunes that will have you reminiscing about this wild, smokey, sunny season while also preparing you for chiller days ahead. So grab of mug of coffee, sit back, and enjoy some easy, late-August listening.

Cover art by Douglas Lazenby.

This is the 31st volume of our monthly Beats & Burn series, a collaboration with Portland's local, independent radio station


Playlist by DJ Bob Ham  / Host of Double Bummer

About the mix:

"As we start heading towards Autumn and some blessedly cooler temperatures, my listening habits start following suit. I seek out albums and artists that play with either a reserved energy or that leave a lot of open space in their music for me to nestle into. That's the world that German jazz/classical label ECM Records has called home for nearly 50 years. Everything about their releases, from the carefully considered artwork to the austere quality of the recordings speaks to me of cloudier skies, open expanses, and deep, soothing breaths. Even when the music gets farther out or takes on a hurried pace, I somehow still find solace in it. For this month's mix, I chose from some of the best recent releases from ECM, offering up a hopeful soundtrack for the changing of the seasons."

More about DJ Bob Ham:

DJ Bob Ham spends most of his hours working as a freelance arts journalist and critic. You can find his work most regularly in Pitchfork, DownBeat, and Portland Mercury.

Every Monday from 4-5pm, you can hear him on XRAY-FM where he produces the show Double Bummer, which features music of all stripes, including in-studio interviews or performances from both local and international artists. 


Cover art by Douglas Lazenby / / @doug_firr

About the art:

"The August cover was inspired by Portland and its busy summer season. When the weather heats up, the streets become full and the city comes alive. Hot days and recent smokey skies have led to blood orange suns and beautiful sunsets. I chose the color palette to reflect the vibrant colors and energy of Portland in the summer. I wanted the pattern to have a fun playful feel that reminds me of these long hot days."

More about Douglas:

"I enjoy working in different mediums including digital, illustration, and painting. I primarily work digitally but draw inspiration from all of these mediums. My work tends to be bright and playful but is also always changing as my interests do. I am currently working on the design and illustration of menus for a pop-up dinner series in Portland. Moving forward I would love to get involved in package design and brand identity." 

Keep up with Douglas' work on Instagram  @doug_firr and check out his site to get in touch.