Beats & Burn Volume 30 - DJ dr_robot

Beats & Burn Volume 30 - DJ dr_robot

Cover Art By Chet Malinow

July is heating up, and DJ dr_robot created the perfect soundtrack, entitled "Goldrush", for ticking off every activity on your Summer bucket list. This bevy of hot tracks provides the ideal ambiance for savoring a cup of joe in the cool morning air before a hike in the Gorge, making the long drive westward to the Pacific for some relief from the heat, or chilling on a porch with your pals after dark. 

Cover art by Chet Malinow.

This is the 30th volume of our monthly Beats & Burn series, a collaboration with Portland's local, independent radio station


Playlist by DJ dr_robot  / Frequent Sub on Circa Rad / XRAY Board Member

About the mix:

“In this mix I’m hoping to capture the feel of wide open outdoor spaces laced with not just solitude, but also specters of the past. The music spans the '90s to now, somewhere in the venn diagram of indie rock, alt country, and freak folk, without neatly fitting in any of these genres. I grew up in West Texas loving western music and unconsciously find myself today searching for queer and people of color in these genres. 

This is the soundtrack to long solo drives through the desert and hikes in the forest with your dog. I tried to bottle the feeling of a recent day when I took the dogs up Bridal Veil and then saw Damien Jurado play solo at the Old Church that night."

More about DJ dr_robot:

In real life, dr_robot is a physician and medical researcher. She loves all things french bulldog and post-punk.

She frequently joins DJ Tex Clark on Circa Rad from 7-8PM on Wednesday nights, playing lost gems alongside new classics of indie rock, global psychedelica, lo-fi, art punk, Portland-centric, and international pop.


Cover art by Chet Malinow / 

About the art:

"The background is an acrylic painting I made a few weeks back. Using house paint and acrylic paint pens on an aluminum panel. I thought this background was suitable for this hot weather we are currently experiencing. Glowing orange and red is almost bacon like. I was going for a Woodstock vibe with bold type face and colors used in this composition. "

More about Chet:

"My style is a mixture of Pop Art, Graffiti, and Minimalism. I have a background in graffiti/murals that has heavily skewed the way I think and approach art projects. Traveling around the world for pleasure as well as doing graffiti in places like Thailand has helped me develop a wide range of mark making and a vast color palette. 

Currently I am painting murals in the Portland area as well as San Francisco. Calligraphy has become a large staple of my practice either on canvases or on huge walls. Im constantly making paintings for collectors, working on album covers for bands, or working on solo exhibitions."

Check out Chet's site to see more of his work and to contact him for commissions, and be sure to follow Chet's artistic endeavors on Instagram @chetmalinow.