Bridge & Burn's FW18 Holiday Style Guide

FW18 Holiday Style Guide

We've nailed down four of the most important activities of the season, and have curated tailored holiday-inspired looks for each excursion. Featuring both new arrivals and classic Bridge & Burn best-sellers, this collection offers a wide range of layerable pieces that will suit your holiday needs. 


 a. Alpaca Wool Ribbed Beanie / b. Sequoia Brown / c. Murray Denim Pinstripe / d. Ragg Wool Fingerless Glove / e. Harvest Label Pochi Tote


a. B Flat Cap Brown Waxed Canvas / b. Ragg Wool Fingerless Glove Charcoal / c. Tamarak Oxblood / d. Cole Denim Blue Stripe / e. Polk Navy / f. Helm Muller Brown


a. Tsuyumi Short Brim Block Top / b. Bird Heather / c. Linnton Rose / d. Balsam Navy / e. Jogger Navy Check / f. Artifact Campus Tote / g. Alpaca Wool Gradient Scarf Forest / g. Seavees Women's Huntington Middie Wine


a. Search & Enjoy Watch Cap / b. Fielding Denim Pinstripe / c. Sandqvist Paul Rust / d. Corkcicle Arctican Matte Black / e. Roark Olive / f. Clae Bradley Mid Cocoa Leather


a. Nolan Stone Donegal / b. Linden Clay Red Dashes / c. Cara Burgundy Crepe / d. Lisa B. Women's Over The Knee Cable Socks Black / e. Intentionally Blank Honcho Black 


a. Alpaca Wool Gradient Scarf Burgundy / b. Porter Taupe / c. Roark Olive / d. Helm Muller Black 


a. Soko Mezi Mini Hoops / b. Young Frankk Double Orb Chain Necklace / c. Breton Charcoal / d. Huron Burgundy Crepe / e. Primecut Pouch Purse Black Leather  / fLisa B. Women's Over The Knee Cable Socks Black / g. Intentionally Blank Honcho Black 


a. Bedford Midnight / b. Russell Brick / c. Kiriko Shibori Red Tie / d. Roark Black / e. Helm Muller Black