Profiles: Kate Oliver | Birch & Pine

Profiles: Kate Oliver | Birch & Pine

At Bridge & Burn, we are lucky to be able to work with an amazing community of artists, photographers, creators, and do'ers who inspire our designs daily. Get to know them through our "Bridge & Burn Profiles", and what influences their individual sense of style.

Kate Oliver is a photographer, writer, and Bridge & Burn Ambassador. Founder of the blog, Birch & Pine, she splits her time between the midwest and traveling in her Airstream trailer with her wife and daughter.

How would you describe your individual sense of style?

Comfortable, tomboyish, easy, simple. I am most confident when I’m completely comfortable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean sweatpants! I am comfortable when my clothes fit me well, when they are easy pieces, when the fabric is soft and quality made. As I get older, I’m okay with this! When I was younger I was all about looking good, even if it meant I was wildly uncomfortable in my clothes. I still think it’s possible to look good and be completely comfortable. When those align, I feel confident as hell. 

What are the five most essential pieces in your wardrobe? Why?

  1. My Madewell boyfriend jeans - the only pair of jeans I own. They are so broken in and go with everything. I can dress them up with a silk blouse or down with a tee.
  2. Either one of my Bridge & Burn tees. They are the softest, most flattering tees ever.
  3. Yoga pants in black or charcoal gray. I am a runner and sometimes-doer of yoga, but mostly I just love wearing them because they are comfy.
  4. Everlane tank tops in the summer. Perfection.
  5. Pair of broken in suede loafers. They go with everything and I can wear them almost year round. 

Why do you like Bridge & Burn? Any pieces that you especially love?

I love the androgynous nature of the women’s pieces, they speak to my tomboy heart, yet I still feel feminine. The comfort, tones, and nod to the Pacific Northwest just can’t be beat. Wearing Bridge & Burn feels like coming home to me, home to the Pacific Northwest, which I’ve always felt so connected to and hope to live one day, and coming home to who I am. 

I love my Bridge & Burn tees and sweatshirts especially, but my favorite piece is by far my Warbler jacket.What does being an "Outsider" mean to you? 

In understanding my imperfection, I was able to embrace so many new things I’d have never otherwise. Coming out, marrying my wife, traveling around North America for almost a year with her and my daughter, living tiny, sharing my work as a writer and a photographer, or my current project starting a new business. While yes, I love to be literally out of doors and it's where I feel most alive, being an Outsider to me means I am embracing ME in the face of societal, familial, and peer pressure to be anyone but who I actually am. Being an Outsider means ignoring it all and listening to my heart and the hearts of those who know me best, who want me to be who I am. Sadly, there are so few of these voices, so it can be a struggle to keep going and fighting for truth and acceptance in my heart, but I know it’s the right thing to do. It is the only thing to do. 

Photos by: Kate Oliver (@birchandpine)

Bridge & Burn Apparel: Outsider Sweatshirt in Burgundy; The Warbler Jacket (from a previous season) similar to Fall 2016 Warbler in Waxed Black Olive; Bridge & Burn Ragg Wool Cap.