Vine & Thistle Miller Paint Mural

Vine & Thistle Miller Paint Mural

Vine and Thistle Miller Paint Mural Portland Oregon

On what felt like the last sunny day of the year, we chanced upon Alicia Schultz ( @vineandthistle ) as she and friends Leah Samour ( @landoflulu ) and Julz Clementine ( @julzclementine ) were putting the finishing touches on her new mural to celebrate the 132nd anniversary of Miller Paint at their flagship location in SE Portland. The project is in partnership with the Portland Street Art Alliance.

Allison Shultz Vine and Thistle Miller Paint Mural Portland Street Art AllianceAlicia is wearing the Tobin Utility Overall with the Innes top.

The trio was kind enough to let us outfit them in their favorite Bridge & Burn pieces, and we documented them as they updated this Portland landmark. Ernest Miller , the founder, arrived to Portland from Germany in 1885. Ernest was a muralist and scenic artist who painted houses on the side, and he was unhappy with the paints that were available at the time.

He believed the quality did not stand up to the demands of the Northwest weather, and like many other enterprising immigrants of the time he built a solution.

In 1890, Miller purchased a stone mill in a barn on Northeast San Raphael Street and began manufacturing his own paints. His products were of such good quality that other paint contractors came to him to ask if they could use “Ernest Miller Paint”. Just like that, the Miller Paint Co. was born and the business has stood the tests of time. 

Alicia Shutlz Tobin Overalls and Innes Top
The Tobin Utility Overall 

Leah Samour Miller Paint Mural Portland Oregon
Leah in the Freebird t-shirt and Gladstone pants.

Julz Clementine Miller Paint Mural Portland Oregon
Julz in the Lou jumpsuit.

Vine and Thistle Portland Street Art Alliance Mural

Portland Mural Art Miller Paint 150 Anniversary