Bridge & Burn men's waxed canvas

Men's Waxed Cotton Jackets


      Men's Waxed Canvas Jackets

      As Portland natives, we're experts in outerwear that functions double duty. We source our waxed cotton fabrics from the oldest, most established mills around the world. These mills have spent decades refining the development and technology of their waxed cotton, exploring new outlets for improvement and maintaining the historical practices dating back to 1880.


      Waxed cotton outerwear has all of the characteristics we look for in a quality jacket: durability, protection from water, and comfort. Using a paraffin wax to coat the cotton, oils are soaked into the pores of the material to repel water.

      Double Duty Designs

      Using the classic raincoat style as a foundation for our jacket design, we’ve improved the features and detailing to be a modern, every-day jacket with reliable protection from the elements.

      Utilitarian Details

      We believe that you should never have to sacrifice form for function, which is why we design high quality jackets that look as timeless as they are functional. Every piece is stripped down so only what is good and useful remains.