Rad Dad Gift Guide: Camp Dad

He makes every outing an adventure, even if it’s just a jaunt to the ice cream parlor. But when it’s time to venture into the outdoors, he knows what’s what. This dad is prepared for anything—he has perfected the teepee method and always remembers the TP. He’s the dad that can hold down the fort just as well as he can build one.

Give him timeless essentials that stand up against the elements, and a little something extra that makes him feel like he’s still in the woods even when Monday rolls around.

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1. Pacific Wonderland Tee | 2. Patten Orange Plaid | 3. Olive Watch Cap | 4. Misc Goods Co. Ceramic Flask | 5. Maak Lab Doug Bar | 6. Olive Polk Twill Pant | 7. Columbiaknit BURN Sweatshirt | 8. Accuracy is Everything Pocketknife | 9. Wood & Faulk Camp Stool