Staff Picks: Harmony, Sales Associate

Harmony has been Bridge & Burn’s beloved Sales Associate for over a year now. Recently, when she hasn't hanging out with us, she’s been keeping busy by hopping from one friend’s wedding to another. Good thing she also has the hook up for cute gifts working at Woonwinkel, downtown Portland’s destination for quirky, modern home furnishings. It’s hard to go in there and not want to buy little treasures for all your friends (and maybe yourself too).

Harmony was happy to share a little bit about herself, some superb Portland insights & her favorite picks at Bridge & Burn:

Hometown: For better or worse, the birthplace of the oil industry: Titusville, PA

Define your style in a sentence: I love vintage and modern, but no matter what I wear it's usually tucked neatly under my waxed Bridge & Burn Warbler jacket that I have managed to wear all year.

Favorite spot in Portland: SE 28th and E. Burnside. Start with a haircut at Holiday Hair, go next door for a vintage frock from Wanderlust, pick up a quirky gift from Rad Summer, have a nice meal at Navarre, catch a movie at The Laurelhurst Theater, and end the day with a drink at Angel Face. They whip up cocktails based on your preference, it's always a fun surprise.

Best kept secret in Portland: The NW Film Center! They feature a wonderful mix of new and old films. It's an amazing opportunity to see films you wouldn't expect to see on the big screen.

Currently Watching: Broadchurch and Broad City simultaneously.

Album (or Song) on Repeat: Do It Again - Röyksopp & Robyn

Favorite B&B piece this season: The Dawson Varsity Jacket in Black!

Harmony's picks: Warbler Burgundy, Bridge & Burn Tote, Baxter of California Clay Pomade, Hemlock Green Plaid, Auburn Skirt, Revere Sterling Triangle Gap Ring, Watch Cap Grey, and the Bea Rust.