#PostYourPatch Week 3 Recap

There is only one more week to enter our #PostYourPatch contest! Don't miss out on a chance to win a free Fall 2014 jacket, click here for instructions on how to participate. Last week we had some great entries on Instagram & Twitter. Not to mention, it was awesome to see one of our jackets at the World Series (pictured below)! The contest ends Nov. 15 so hurry up and make an entry.

Here's a few of our favorites from last week:

    Top: Mark MisiewicsBarrie Chan, and Andrew Stonestreet of Greylag
Bottom: Christian M, Brandy Chris, and @SleepyPasture

Helpful Tips:

  • If you don't already own a jacket, but still want to enter-- feel free to come by the shop at 1122 SW Morrison St in downtown Portland, or go to any of our Stockists, try on your favorites, snap a picture and share!
  • Your Instagram & Twitter account must be public so we can see your entry.
  • Although it's only required to enter on one of the social media sites, posting to both doubles your chances of winning since we're picking one winner from each platform!
  • Keep track on Instagram & Twitter for the latest updates.