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Bridge & Burn

Beats & Burn Vol. 4 - December Playlist

Beats & Burn - Portland Playlist - Art by Will Bryant

Beats & Burn Vol. 4 - December 2015 by Bridge & Burn on Mixcloud

We've teamed up with Portland-based independent radio station,, to create a music series called: Beats & Burn. DJs at create a playlist and we connect with artists to design cover art inspired by the mix. This December installment is by Keegan Meyer and features all Portland bands and all tracks were released in 2015. Keegan, who DJ's the From The Garage show on Thursday afternoons, also plays drums, is an avid Timbers fan, and is the former manager of KPSU. 

This month's cover art was designed by Will Bryant. Bryant’s work weaves together humor with commerce, fun, and positivity. In his sculptural installations, photographic still lives, and commercial illustration projects, there is always a sense of exuberance at play with a colorful palette. His work has been plastered across advertising campaigns, t-shirts, record sleeves, posters, magazines, furniture, snowboards, underwear, and has also exhibited internationally. In 2013 he was awarded as a Young Gun by the Art Directors Club. When not in public, he lounges in expensive sweatpants.