Artist Edition Graphics T-Shirts by Sean Spellman

Artist Edition Graphic Tees by Sean Spellman

The sea. The sky. The trees. The sun. These simple, beautiful essentials are the focus of a new collaboration between Sean Spellman and Bridge & Burn, showcasing a trio of t-shirt designs inspired by the mountains, the sea, and the beach.

Artist, surfer, front man of the band Quiet Life, and all-around free spirit Sean Spellman is a New Jersey native and current Rhode Island resident, who imbues a world of possibility with a few basic lines and shapes. Through each minimalist design, he shares a visual travelogue. In his own words, “I like to keep things simple, because then anyone who looks at them can fill in the negative space with anything they like.”

Combining simple sophisication and an emphasis on natural beauty, these limited edition tees are a store favorite and won’t be around for long.

To learn more about Sean's work, check out his website and Instagram.

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Artist Edition Graphic Tees by Sean Spellman