Beats & Burn Vol. 10 - October Playlist

Beats & Burn Vol. 10 - October Playlist


It's Beats & Burn Vol. 10!  

Fall is a time of transition when we say goodbye to the carefree feeling of summer and welcome in the cozy, familiar feeling of home. There is something deeply comforting about bundling up against the chill while you "pop on some headphones, walk through the leaves, and nod 'what's up' to the squirrels as they pass you by." At least that's what our guest DJ, Amy Dials, suggests you do.


Playlist by Amy Dials / / @amydials

Amy Dials is the Events Director at where she also produces live sessions with local and touring bands. She is the host of XRAY’s Thursday afternoon show Ghost Chapel from 3-4pm. Outside the studio, Amy fills her free time enjoying dinner parties, traveling, accidentally spilling coffee, and petting other people’s dogs. 

What inspired this October Music mix? 

"October (like some mysterious and fantastic curse) always turns me into a manically calm and peaceful version of myself. While outside everything is dying and changing color, I feel completely alive and fully present in the world, ready to take on anything; my senses become a sponge to all things good. 

Inspired by that feeling, some tracks are soft and understated while at the same time creating energy, liveliness and excitement. Other tracks take on the feelings of fall months from years past: break ups, walking to class, new love, dinner parties with wet shoes left in a pile by the door. You know. There are also new tracks that have drawn me in lately and will forever remind me of this fall, as the seasons strum on and on.


Cover Art by Camille Shumann / / @camille.shu

Camille is a Portland based Illustrator & Designer by night, Florist by day. She finds endless inspiration from botany, where systematic patterns combine with organic and unique quirks. These botanical interests have been thriving since day one, growing up in the garden with her mom and now with her work at Fieldwork Flowers. She also draws a lot of dogs and hopes to become a mural queen, spreading XXL flowers & plants around the city.

What inspired this October cover art?

"I entitled this 'Fall is here, winter is coming'. Gearing up for spending more time at home where I don't have as many real, live beautiful flower subjects. I do a lot of staring at my house plants and I always try and challenge myself to look at something mundane in a different way and give it a new life.


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