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Bridge & Burn

Beats & Burn Vol. 14 - February Playlist

It's Beats & Burn Vol. 14! 

February’s Beats & Burn comes in just under the wire. But good things come to those who wait. DJ Mixed Messages decided to forgo the usual February lovefest, in favor of something a bit more appropriate for our times …

"Whether making an overt political statement, having a personal revelation, or simply not wasting the time - this is a mix for those who won't be fooled. February is when our aspirations for the New Year meet a calendar's worth of challenges. Here are some songs to keep us steady and upbeat for the long haul."

This is the 14th volume of our monthly Beats & Burn series, a collaboration with Portland's local, independent radio station


Playlist by DJ Mixed Messages / Beth Wooten

DJ Mixed Messages is the record collecting justification project of Beth Wooten. What started as admiration for Girl Group era 45s, DJ Mixed Messages sets now include soul (mostly Southern, Blue-Beat, Northern), post punk, garage-y, and some choice newer tracks. Beth is also a painter and almost lawyer who plays in the band Break Up Flowers and cares for Lula the cat.


Cover Art by Joel Scherzer /

Joel has been a long time friend and Bridge & Burn collaborator who has put his graphical mark on several Bridge & Burn t-shirts over the years. For our February Beats cover, we asked him to draw up something to roll us in to spring. This graphic was inspired by a sunset drive we all took out to Astoria a few months back in a borrowed old Dodge Econoline. The sun shone through just like this. Right before we got it stuck in the sand …

When he’s not drawing, or spending time with his wife Becca and sons, Wesley and Waylon -- you'll likely find Joel surfing and playing the 5-String banjo (not usually at the same time).


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