Beats & Burn Vol. 34 - John Dragonetti

Beats & Burn Vol. 34 - John Dragonetti


This month's Beats & Burn playlist and cover art are brought to you by two dear and creative-minded friends of ours from LA. Our musical mixer, John Dragonetti, gives us a ride through a twisty and evolving adventure through upbeat, synthy tunes to slightly more serious orchestral compositions, to some surprising bursts of old-timey throwbacks—a perfect musical representation of what it feels like to be a human during the holidays. This playlist has been certified to be an awesome accompaniment to any family gathering. Enjoy.

Cover art by Charlie Staunton

This is the 34rd volume of our monthly Beats & Burn series, a collaboration with various musical and visual artists in Portland and beyond.

 Playlist by John Dragonetti /

About the mix
I would make a terrible DJ. Drifting from one thing to the next with no rhyme or reason…from King Tubby to Beethoven’s late string quartets. A total mess. I tried to stay somewhat focused here. With winter on the way and a rare rainy day in LA, I cozied up in the studio and put together some of my current favorite tracks of noir-ish synth stuff to film score music hopefully keeps you in the picture.

About the Mixer
John Dragonetti is a Los Angeles (formerly Boston) based singer/songwriter and producer. A founding member of the band, The Submarines, his new album Jack Drag 2018 is out on Burger Records and features guests Aimee Mann and Sarah Martin from Belle & Sebastian. John is also a tv and film composer with (The Internet’s Own Boy and All About Nina). He is currently working on a score with the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Cover art by Charlie Staunton /

About the Artist
A loyal friend to Bridge & Burn, Mr. Charles Staunton is an accomplished conceptual artist and entrepreneur with experience in too many disciplines to count. A southern California-native, Staunton has laid his roots in Los Angeles where he as collaborated on various apparel ventures, in addition to designing numerous graphic tees for Bridge & Burn and helping us open our very first store in Portland. Today, Staunton co-owns and operates Virgil Normal, a menswear store/art project in LA that carries both new and vintage clothing, home products, books, records, art supplies, and beauty products as well as host art and cultural events appealing to men living a balance between city life and the great outdoors. "For a freak day or night, letters, and numbers so icy they clap like thunder. Call your concierge Charlie at Virgil Normal (323) 741-8489” - Charles Staunton