Beats & Burn Vol. 37 - June Playlist

Beats & Burn Vol. 37 - June Playlist

With the warm, sun-bearing months so close that you can almost taste the sweet corn, the time to find a killer playlist for all things summer is now. This month’s cool and calming playlist comes to you from our friend Justin Gage in Los Angeles, who suggests you may want to listen along with a nice mezcal and well-worn huaraches. Featuring cover art by a returning Beats & Burn collaborator, Austin Rossborough, who offers us a glimpse into his nostalgia for the early months of summer as a child..


About The Playlist

Following a particularly wet winter here in Los Angeles, the following set was inspired by a recent trip to Mexico City and the coast north of Salulita. Pairs well with a nice mezcal and well-worn huaraches. Salud.

About The Mixer

Based in Los Angeles, Justin Gage is the founder of Aquarium Drunkard, Autumn Tone records and a partner at Gold Diggers bar/hotel/studio. Additionally, Gage works as a producer, music supervisor and consultant, and hosts the weekly Aquarium Drunkard show on SIRIUS XM radio.

@aquariumdrunkard | Aquarium Drunkard



About the Cover Art

“Summer has always carried mixed feelings for me. The excitement and energy of longer days is balanced by my love of colder weather. Thinking back on my childhood however, summer nights stand out to me as some of my best memories. Sitting on the front porch during a thunderstorm, eating slices of watermelon on the curb, and staying out later than usual. Of all these, watching fireflies will always be nearest to my heart. In honor of the first month of summer, I wanted to capture these memories of peace and excitement through illustration."

About the Artist

Austin Rossborough is an illustrator living in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by the methods and practices of the past, specifically woodblock printing; his work explores the search for peace and beauty amidst a changing world.

@austinrossborough | Austin Rossborough