Beats & Burn Vol. 55: Justin Gage & Denis Boudart

Beats & Burn Vol. 55: Justin Gage & Denis Boudart

Beats & Burn Vol. 55



"Woodsmoke, buffalo check and the crunch of broken pine needles underfoot — the tiny death that is Autumn. Clocking in at 120 minutes, and comprised of music largely recorded in the 70s, the following is a medley of sound aimed to turn your leaves a different color." - Justin Gage


Playlist by Justin Gage
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Based in Los Angeles, Justin Gage is a music supervisor and the founder of the online music journal Aquarium Drunkard. He is also a partner in Gold Diggers Sound in East Hollywood, CA – a hybrid bar, boutique hotel and recording studio.



Music is always part of my creation process, with this visual it is a very minimalist and decomposed vision of the sounds that I discover and listen to with Justin's playlists. I was also inspired by the posters of the jazz concerts of the 60's. And finally even if the autumn arrived I wanted to bring a little heat with this sun.


Cover Art by Denis Boudart
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An eclectic artist, my work ranges from collage to painting or graphic design. My works reflect the balance of my different inspirations between nature, travels and music. I imagine compositions of objects, shapes and colors creating unexpected associations that can appeal to everyone’s imagination. My work is influenced by a minimal and modern artistic approach. I work and live in Paris.