Beats & Burn Volume 23 - DJ Tom Humphrey

Beats & Burn Volume 23 - DJ Tom Humphrey

Cover art by Jillian Barthold

We’re taking respite from overplayed carols with this new mix from DJ Tom Humphrey. Just the right amount of nostalgia, soul, twang, and a touch of jazzy drama make it perfectly suited for this time of year. So if you’re on that holiday hustle, burning the midnight oil, shopping for yet another get-together, you’ll want to stream this mix to keep your toes tapping and head bopping all the way to the finish line.

Cover art by Jillian Barthold.

This is the 23rd volume of our monthly Beats & Burn series, a collaboration with Portland's local, independent radio station


Playlist by DJ Tom Humphrey / Host of Backroad to Nowhere

“Each artist in this collection might be called legendary, but with each existing in a separate world, some far smaller than others. Artists like Lee Dorsey, Lefty Frizzell, and Sandy Denny are giants in their respective genres of R&B, country, and British folk, but they are not yet household names to casual music fans. Ola Belle Reed's deep vocals and biographical songs are legendary in the Appalachian Mountains she grew up in, yet her authentic music is simultaneously influential and little known, like many in this mix, depending on which world we're looking at. Here's a collage of legends, each from their own world.”

More about Tom:

Tom Humphrey has hosted the Backroad to Nowhere program on since the birth of the station in March, 2014. The weekly show can be heard on Sundays at 6 p.m. and highlights unvarnished and under-heard music from the past and present, and explores overlooked connections between songs and players in music history.
Check out Backroad to Nowhere on KXRY Portland at 107.1 / 91.1 FM.
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Cover art by Jillian / @monstersongs

"I chose a mushroom pattern because during the winter I love to take quiet solo hikes and one of my favorite things to look out for are different kinds of mushrooms. Everything in the forest during the winter is so lush and alive and it's so nice to take a moment to slow down and take a closer look at how intricate and different all of the life and growth around the forest is."

More about Jillian:

"Jillian Barthold is an illustrator, designer, and maker originally from nowhere, but currently living in Portland, OR. She creates and makes many things under the moniker Monster Songs. Other enjoyments include, but are not limited to, staring at the moon, sitting in the ocean, and playing fetch with her cats."
Check out Jillian's work, follow her on Instagram, and shop her Etsy store.


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