Beats & Burn: Volume 48 by artist Sunny Eckerle

Beats & Burn: Volume 48 by artist Sunny Eckerle

Sunny Eckerle Illustrator Playlist Cover Art

About the Playlist

"Fall is associated with a pleasant tension for me. There’s the urge to be outside amongst friends, making the most of nice weather before the rainy season fully sets in. There's also the desire to settle inward, to slow down and become more solitary after all the excitement that summer can bring. The result is a contented agitation, a unique contradiction of feelings and wants that transitional seasons bring forth. This playlist aims to capture that interference of emotions - hope you enjoy."⁠

- Sunny Eckerle
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Sunny Eckerle is an illustrator living and working in Portland, OR. She has done work for IFC/Portlandia, Red Bull, Penguin Random House, and many others, and loves exploring the PNW with her cat, Vada. 

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