Bridge & Burn X Kiriko 2019 Collaboration

Bridge & Burn X Kiriko 2019 Collaboration

We are excited to welcome in the new year with a very special collaboration with our dear friends—and fellow Portlanders—Kiriko! This exclusive collection of Bridge & Burn button-ups features handmade patchwork using premium Japanese fabrics from Kiriko. The collection will be available online and in-store for a limited time, with a special launch party on January 17, 2019 from 5-7PM, where even more Kiriko accessories and home goods will be available for purchase. For more details on the event, please click the button below and we hope to see you there!


bridge & burn X kiriko collection

Bridge & Burn X Kiriko 2019 collaboration

about kiriko

Kiriko was founded in 2013 as a response to the current trends of consumption. Products today are produced in ways that are often described by terms such as mass production, mass consumption, and fast fashion. The media has built up “value” in terms of what is the newest. This has consequently created an audience that no longer pays attention to how their products are made, what materials are used, and the durability of what they consume.
From the beginning, their mission has always been to try to create timelessly designed products that last; merging Western and Eastern culture, the new with vintage. Through this effort and the great support of other local businesses and financial organizations, we now carry over 2,000 items ranging from original products, curated craft items, collaborative pieces, and antique Japanese items that we believe will last for a long time.