Fall Fabric Feature: Multi Plaid

Fall Fabric Feature: Multi Plaid

Multi Plaid Detail

Part of our Sustainable Series, this season's Multi Plaid fabric combines a deep navy, classic red, and and pale yellow for a wearable play on a favorite cozy flannel. Made from 42% recycled content that's a blend of Organic and Recycled Cotton, Recycled Polyester, and Hemp we find this fabric to have a nice weight and drape, making it one of the fabrics we're reaching for most this fall. 

We found inspiration for the weave design from a zanshi-ori kimono made from leftover threads. Zanshi, meaning residual yarn, refers to the process of collecting leftovers over time and turning the imperfections into part of the beauty of a piece. The contemplative nature of this process and variety in patterns that come out of using leftover materials give a different take on what we typically think of as traditional plaid.

Shop our Multi Plaid fabric in Men's & Women's styles: Cole Amalia, BirdBea


Bird Multi PlaidBird Multi Plaid


Amalia Multi PlaidAmalia Multi Plaid


Cole Multi PlaidCole Multi Plaid


Bea Multi PlaidBea Multi Plaid