Five For Friday: Harvest Moon

Five For Friday: Harvest Moon

Hringpoki Stones

Inspired by Iceland's volcanic rocks, these Hringpoki stones feature mesmerizing bubble patterns that are equally beautiful as they are tactile. Metal casted from brass, copper, and bronze, these worry stones are naturally anti-microbial and can give your hands something to do when your mind wanders.


Bloomingprint Block Printing Shop

Toronto-based block print artist, bloomingprint is helping us keep the spirit of summer blooms alive with their beautiful illustrative prints. Artist, Elise Young, also has a new book released called Block Print for Beginners you can find at Powell's if you're looking to pick up a new craft.


Honey Mamas

We're all about healthy & delicious snacks to power us through the day. If you haven't already, meet your new favorite pick-me-up, Portland-based brand, Honey Mamas. Combining nourishing, nutrient-rich ingredients with organic cocoa in a variety of flavors, we can't get enough of this delightful treat.


What Is Swedish Death Cleaning?

If you're still WFH, you know that having a clean home / work space feels makes a big impact on managing stress and productivity. Get inspired to keep your space decluttered and make the day-to-day feel simpler and more relaxed with this way of thinking – Swedish Death Cleaning.


Freeland Spirits

Meet woman-owned and run Portland craft distillery, Freeland Spirits. They're one of the only distilleries in the world using a combination of hot and cold distilling processes, allowing them to incorporate herbal flavors such as cucumber, mint, rosemary, thyme, and one other special mystery ingredient during the distilling process. Check out their story and spirits here.