Five For Friday: Less Waste

Five For Friday: Less Waste

Aluminum Exhibit Debuting at London Design Festival

Made from the lowest carbon aluminum ever produced thanks to the latest technology, this aluminum exhibit designed by Nebbia Works is titled 'Between Forests and Skies' and will debut at this year's London Design Festival, which starts this weekend.

"The space formed is a manufactured forest, an unnatural imitation of our natural environment. The reflectivity of the aluminum is mirrored in the reflectivity of the water, and the experience of the pavilion is a dreamlike state between the sky and the reflection of the sky, the world and the reflection of the world. It shifts and changes throughout the day as the environment and activities that are reflected around it change.”  - Architects & Nebbia Works Co-Founders, Madhav Kidao and Brando Posocco


New Vietnamese American Noodle Shop on Alberta

The Alberta neighborhood in Portland welcomed a new next-gen Vietnamese American shop last month, Thơm. Brothers Jimmy and Johnny Le grew up in their parents’ restaurant, Phở Lê, and wanted to continue the legacy by creating their own noodle shop. The inviting, intimate space only seats about 10, but has outdoor seating as well. If you're looking to sip an old-school bowl of pho while feeling like you've stepped into a hidden studio in a mid-century home, this might be your new favorite spot.


Marley's Monsters Eco-Shop in Eugene

Eugene-based eco-shop, Marley's Monsters, offers handmade reusable home goods created with sustainability in mind. Company founder, Sarah, shares where the inspiration came from for starting this Eugene shop, "Through having two children in a world full of disposables, I've realized the importance of reducing our waste with multi-functional products on both an environmental aspect and cost savings." Their fabric products are handmade in their production studio located in the heart of downtown Eugene, Oregon and wood products are handmade in our home wood shop. Shop online or visit their brand new retail store at the 5th Street Alley in Eugene, Oregon.


Slow Fashion Brand, Le Bon

One of our favorite slow fashion accessories brands, LA-based Le Bon Shoppe, literally means ‘The Good Shop’ are helping to keep our toes cozy as we head into chillier mornings. We carry a handful of their socks in our in store and online shops. Check out what we currently have in stock here. They produce a carefully calculated limited quantity of pieces at a time in order to sell everything before making more, allowing them to produce as little waste as possible. Each piece they make is one Le Bon designers feel, "is the piece that you have been searching for all your life, and when you find it you never want to let it go!"


Rooftop Bars with Views in Portland

Portland might have some much needed rain in the forecast this weekend, but that doesn't mean dining outdoors has to come to a halt. Luckily PDX Monthly has a handful of rooftop bar suggestions offering covered outdoor seating. Check out some of their favorite spots to get some food & drink with a view of the city. Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test is required at some places, so make sure to check that out before heading over.