5 Reasons To Wear Waxed Canvas Outerwear

5 Reasons To Wear Waxed Canvas Outerwear

For most of us, the Fall and Winter seasons are especially cherished. Putting the shorts and sneakers away so that we can debut our outerwear and boots is enough to make us jolly. We get to say farewell to last season's wardrobe and make way for a new year and new threads.

If you live anywhere that a jacket is a valid part of your daily wardrobe needs, then you understand the importance of great material mixed with great style. When the temperatures drop, we want a jacket that can keep us warm, keep us dry, and keep us stylish.

Waxed cotton jackets are not only historically useful against the elements but they are quickly becoming highly fashionable in every season.

Check out some reasons why you need to have a waxed cotton jacket in your winter wardrobe.



5 Reasons to Wear Waxed Cotton Jackets

Originating from sailors in the 1800's, waxed cotton is durable, water-resistant, and warm. Using a paraffin to coat the cotton, oils are soaked into the pores of the material to absorb and repel water.

Creating jackets out of this all-weather material has created a piece of clothing that works well for a number of different reasons.Here's why you should be wearing a waxed cotton jacket this season.



1. Waterproof

Centuries of sailors have trusted this waxed cotton during hellacious weather on the high seas. Battered by the elements, this densely woven cotton can withstand the toughest of what Mother Nature can offer. If you need a jacket to protect you from a rogue wave, a rainy commute to work or a windy walk in the city - this jacket can do the job.

Waxed cotton jackets are like the best friends of the clothing world. They are your trusty travel companions that battle a variety of weather conditions.

Whether you choose to rock black or navy waxed cotton jackets, they will ensure two things: you'll look great and you'll be impervious to rain.



2. Warm and Cozy

These nautical-inspired jackets were originally made from sailcloth that was incredibly warm. It's a thick material that laughs at the threat of cold weather. In the 1800's, British Millerain took the sailcloth material and developed it into the wearable waxed cotton which is still widely used today.

Equipped with a flannel lining, waxed cotton jackets keep the warm in and the rain and wind out. Incorporating a drawstring waistband to its knee-length design, these coats will keep your entire torso toasty and happy.

Walking through the streets of any major city or even trailblazing through the woods, waxed cotton adds an extra layer of protection from the weather that you can trust.



3. Sealed to Perfection

Not only are these waxed cotton jackets stylish and fabulous, but they can last for an incredibly long time.

Using Otter Wax, you can easily keep this jacket in great condition. Derived from only natural ingredients, a quick waxing to your jacket will keep it dry and sealed to perfection from any of Mother Nature's harsh elements.

Why the wax?

When sailors began making this seaworthy coat fashionable, waxed cotton jackets were made out of sailcloth. Because this heavy-duty material doesn't have the ability to bend and stretch as well as other fabrics and materials, wax was used. By coating the outer shell of the jacket with paraffin or wax, it instantly became water resistant and a bit more comfortable to move and work in.

Centuries later, waxing is a tradition that has kept and is still used on today's waxed cotton jackets.



4. Centuries of Being Fashion-Forward

Once these jackets made their way inland, sailors were not the only ones that appreciated the fashion.

These jackets have been the perfect option, literally, for centuries. Making their fashionable beginnings on the high seas, the waxed cotton jacket quickly became a staple. When sailors settled ashore, these jackets gained attention from the landlubbers and were quickly fashioned to fit a variety of different styles.

Now, there are a handful of different options for both men and women to wear. Utility, lightweight, hooded, trend-lead, and Barbour waxed jackets are just a sampling of the diverse options that come with this coat.

The best aspect of this type of jacket is that it can work for so many different environments, temperatures, and elements. The men's longer Rainier jacket is perfect for hikes or treks on wet days. The women's Sequoia parka has the ability to keep you warm with its fleece lining and ribbed cuffs on the sleeves. If you need a great raincoat just to keep you dry, then the men's Sherman and women's Balsam jackets will do the trick.

No matter the need, there is a waxed cotton jacket that can keep you warm, dry, and fashionable.



5. Perfect For Any Event

After making their debut from offshore, these coats became a staple onshore.

Waxed jackets became the popular choice for equestrian sports, shooting sports, and for any outdoor event that required walking through inclement weather. These jackets became the perfect must-have for hunters, golfers, and anyone else that may need something to keep them warm and dry.

People quickly realized what a perfect coat could be made from rain-repellant British Millerain waxed canvas. Not only did waxed cotton jackets become a huge fashion must-have. Hats and bags made from this hardy, water-resistant material are becoming crowd favorites all across the globe. 


Wax On!

No matter where you live or what you like to do outside, cotton jackets are a perfect fit for anyone. Whether you want to stay fashionable on your rainy commute to work or whether you are an aficionado of outdoor sports, these coats can keep you dry, warm, and on the go.

You don't want to be caught off-guard and left to deal with Mother Nature's wrath on your own. Waxed cotton is durable, warm, and always water resistant. These coats can be your first line of defense against the elements. They can, also, be your perfect, trusty sidekick anytime you leave your home.

From centuries of use, you'll definitely want to see and experience why waxed cotton jackets are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

Check out some of the best waxed cotton fashions available and see why this jacket belongs in your life and in your closet.