Interview with Artist: Daren Thomas Magee of Real Fun, Wow!

Interview with Artist: Daren Thomas Magee of Real Fun, Wow!

To celebrate our latest release of graphic tees in collaboration artist, Real Fun, Wow! we sat down with Daren Thomas Magee to chat about what he's been up to and where he draws inspiration from.


Men's Over The Horizon NavyMen's Over The Horizon Navy

What have you been doing to stay creatively inspired or energized these days?

I started a meditation practice this year, it definitely has helped me stay a lot more centered and grounded. I have a 3 year old who drains a lot of my energy and I haven't found a way to replenish that yet so I have been producing a lot less than I have over the past few years but it's a worthwhile trade-off no doubt. 


Where did you draw inspiration for the new line of tees?

I love camping. I love the solitude that the space provides. I recently went for a solo trip to about an hour north of me and had, what felt like, 100 miles to myself. There, over a morning cup of coffee, I dug in. 


What's a song or album that's been on your mind lately? 

The album Hypertension by William Onyebor

Thanks for taking some time to share a few thoughts with us, Daren! Check our our latest release of men's & women's graphic tees.

Daren Thomas Magee, Real Fun, Wow!
Daren Thomas Magee of Real Fun, Wow!