It's time to RESIST |  New Protest Tees | 1% for Good

It's time to RESIST | New Protest Tees | 1% for Good

Fight Climate Change w/ 350PDX

Science Is Not Left Wing Propaganda

We launched our One Percent For Good program two years ago as a way to support the community that has supported us. Since then, we've donated 1% of our retail and online sales to local charities, with a focus on arts and education. In light of recent national political events, we have decided to redirect our efforts towards more national issues, starting with climate change. We cannot stand idly by as the Trump administration appoints a climate change denier as head of the EPA.

For the first quarter of 2017, Bridge & Burn is donating one percent of retail and online sales to 350PDX to support their mission to build a grassroots movement to combat the causes of climate change, and rid Washington DC of those who choose politics and profits over science. 350PDX is our local chapter of the global climate movement, founder Bill McKibbon speaks about the Trump EPA on WNYC - Listen to the 6 minute radio segment. Read about the science behind climate change and discover ways to get more involved in local climate issues on

From now until the end of March 2017, 1% of every dollar you spend with us will go directly to 350PDX.


Wear Your Heart On Your Chest

We are doing what we know how to do best. Introducing Resist and Heal US Tee’s for men and women. Bridge & Burn will donate an additional 30% of all revenue generated from the sale of our protest tees to 350PDX to fight against climate change.

Resist Protest Tee for Him and Her

Heal US Protest Tee for Him and Her