Meet the At-Home Maker: Carlin's Ship Shape Cocktail Recipe

Meet the At-Home Maker: Carlin's Ship Shape Cocktail Recipe

A huge part of what we do at Bridge & Burn is foster meaningful collaborations with artists and makers in our local community. In the past few weeks, we've found ourselves itching to find new ways to flex our creative muscles while spending so much time at home. Like so many of you, our team have started to become at-home makers in their own right. The next few weeks we'll be sharing what our incredible team have been whipping up from the comfort of their own loungewear in hopes that it might inspire you to do the same.


First up (and just in time for Friday, if we do say so ourselves), our Operations Manager, Carlin, is sharing her recipe for her self-professed 'greatest cocktail of all time'.  When she's not managing production and inventory for Bridge & Burn, Carlin runs a side hustle, a liquor sales and representation business called Partner Northwest. Working with four Portland booze brands, she and her partner converted a work van into a camper and drive throughout the state of Oregon spreading the news about good booze.

Ready to channel your inner mixologist? Try out the recipe below! 

Carlin's Cocktail Recipe: Ship Shape

2 oz aged rum
2 chunks fresh pineapple
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 spoonful honey
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Lime wheel for garnish

    How to make:

    Place pineapple chunks, 1/2 oz lime juice, and a spoonful of honey in the bottom of a cocktail shaker (use a mason jar with a lid if you don't have a shaker). Using a muddler (or wooden spoon), crush the pineapple until all ingredients are juicy and incorporated. Pour the remaining 1/2 oz lime juice, rum, and bitters into the shaker. Top with ice and SHAKE until cold. Strain over ice and garnish with a lime wheel.