Meet the Designer Behind our Spring '20 Collection

Meet the Designer Behind our Spring '20 Collection

Liesel has been with Bridge & Burn since 2015 and is a huge part of our tiny company. She's the apparel designer behind over ten of our past-season collections and she recently became a mama to sweet baby boy. We sat down with Liesel to learn more about her design process and why she is particularly proud of what she's achieved with our line this season. Read on to learn more!

Liesel at home

What do you love the most about designing for Bridge & Burn?
It's great to be part of such a small and dedicated team! Being a small crew means that the design team gets to work more closely with all of the other parts of the business, and I really value being able to easily collaborate with other departments. 
What was your inspiration for the Spring / Summer 2020 collection?
Spring is always a little bit escapist since we're usually designing the collection at the tail end of winter, when I start wistfully browsing pictures of tropical beaches. We needed some color! I was looking at a lot of linocuts and playful stamped shapes for textile inspiration— I especially like Baron & Larcher, and the Folly Cove Designers.

The Sustainable Series program launched with this season. Why is the Sustainable Series collection so important to you?
At this point it's pretty well-known that the apparel industry generates a massive amount of waste and pollution, and the industry is also notorious for low wages and poor working conditions. Working in apparel, you either have to be okay with that or figure out what you can do about it. I think we have a responsibility to do better, and it's important to me to do what I can to push the industry in a more sustainable direction. 
When we talk about sustainability we have to consider social, environmental, and economic factors, and whether or how we are supporting positive change. In my position as a designer and developer, I have the ability to support the factories and mills that follow better environmental practices and treat their employees fairly by being the bridge between them and the end customer (you!). I'm excited to partner with others who are working to make the industry better, and to think creatively about how we can make beautiful things with a smaller environmental footprint. What you see in this season's Sustainable Series is just the beginning, and I can't wait to share what we have lined up for future seasons.

What makes your most fired up in your role? Is there a problem you are dying to solve?
Designing and choosing textiles is my favorite part of what I do, especially textile research. I'd love to see if we can do anything with plant dyes in the future. There are a few people making dyes out of agricultural waste now, and it's hard to access it on a production scale, but I'm hoping it becomes more available.
Aside from that, I like the challenge of making every season better than the last in every way we can. 

What is something you want fans of Bridge & Burn to know about our brand?
We sincerely listen to and value your feedback! Your comments do reach the design team and we do take them into account, so always feel free to drop us a line.
Want to chat more with Liesel? She's taking over our IG stories account on Thursday 5/7, at 10am PT to answer your questions about this season's collection. Join the conversation!