Bridge Burners Vol. 19 - Miriam Yoo of Flask & Field

Bridge Burners Vol. 19 - Miriam Yoo of Flask & Field

Miriam Yoo, the owner of LA-based wine shop Flask & Field, is in our eyes the textbook definition of a Bridge Burner. Energetic and whip smart, Miriam spent close to a decade as a practicing lawyer. While nothing on paper was wrong with her life, Miriam knew that there had to be a way that she could spend more time immersing herself in what made her feel enriched creatively and more involved in her local community.

Miriam is wearing the women's Premium Tee in White & the Gladstone pant in Rust. 

The output of that burned bridge is Flask & Field, one our neighboring shops in the ROW in Downtown LA. We've loved being neighbors with Miriam and her crew and we thought you'd enjoy learning more about here too! Read on to learn more about Miriam's unique career path and what makes her wine shop so special.

Also, if you live locally in LA, Flask & Field is offering curbside pickup at the ROW, DTLA, PLATFORM LA, and are delivering locally all over Los Angeles. Orders can be placed online at or by emailing at



We love your personal story about leaving a career in entertainment law to go on to open Flask & Field. Tell us more about what that transition looked like for you.

It was one of the hardest decisions to put into action because I had been practicing law for 9 years and had put in so much time and energy into building relationships and honing my craft. I was never miserable - I just knew it wasn’t my calling and that I needed to make a change.  I wanted to feel fulfilled creatively and I wanted to take a chance on myself . It’s been a ride! I’ve learned so much and have had so much fun along the way. Retail is truly a crazy industry to work in! 

 Miriam is wearing the Gene shirt in Charcoal Garment Dye & the Maisy skirt in Natural.

When deciding how to curate your shop, what were your biggest sources of inspiration? 

I have so many sources of inspiration!  I love all things Remodelista, SHED in Healdsburg, CA, and shops we encounter on our travels.  Barcelona has the coolest artsy shops, as well as Mexico City and Seoul, Korea.

What type of experience do you hope your customers receive when they come to your store? 

First and foremost, I hope they feel something real.  Whether it’s surprise, or warmth, or excitement. I want them to feel at home - like we created a space just for them to explore. 


What does a day in the life look like for you as the owner and founder of Flask & Field? 

I do a lot of work in the morning, during breakfast, with my partner Ryan. I tend to be in the shop because I love being there but it’s a struggle to get away to an office, so I can actually get some administrative things accomplished.  That’s my goal for 2020. I have such a great team right now - a great group of women who are all creative, hardworking and trustworthy. I almost always make it home for dinner with Ryan, and we’ll just relax, make Old Fashions or martinis and melt the day away.  I try not to live a life of busy, busy, busy but rather simple, easy, and filled with people I love. I’m in retirement!


What do you love about your community in Downtown LA? What are your favorite things to do in town when you aren’t at the shop?

I love all the businesses at ROW - I love that we’re all in this new adventure together and we’re all a little scared and don’t know what to expect but going for it. It’s super accepting, creative and collaborative.  When I’m not in the shop, I like to take my pups to a dog park or to a dog beach or hang out in my yard and do some gardening!



What do you love most about your work?  

I love my staff and the relationships we have with our sales reps. I love learning and we truly get the chance to learn every single day - about wine and all sorts of spirits and beer. It’s what keeps me stimulated and on my toes. It’s very exciting!

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