Perfect for Summer: Our Sustainable Newport Plaid

Perfect for Summer: Our Sustainable Newport Plaid

Colorful Multi-Weave Newport Plaid Fabric

Designed to bring color and vibrancy to your wardrobe on warm and sunny days, our Newport Plaid fabric is made with a sustainable blend of soft organic cotton and hemp and has a colorful multi-weave plaid made with a dobby weave.

This fabric was inspired by weaving samplers, used by weavers to test out a variety of patterns and colors in one swatch. Says our Lead Designer, Liesel: “I liked the subtle patchwork look, and the variety of patterns and textures that can be made in one little swatch of fabric is really beautiful.”

You can find it this season on our LanaSariaMalcom, and Leona. Or pick up the Newport Plaid Bandana to add a touch of color to any look.

 Lana Newport PlaidLana - Newport Plaid

Saria Newport PlaidSaria - Newport Plaid

Malcom Newport PlaidMalcom - Newport Plaid

Leona Newport Plaid

Leona - Newport Plaid

Bandana Newport Plaid

Bandana - Newport Plaid