Boro Patchwork Fuses Japan & Portland | One-of-a-Kind Shirts & Dresses

Boro Patchwork Fuses Japan & Portland | One-of-a-Kind Shirts & Dresses

As part of our Bridge & Burn x Kiriko line for Men & Women, we selected a handful of our classic styles and let Kiriko put their incredible patchwork talents to work. The result are six one-of-a-kind boro patched pieces of art -- a unique fusion of Japan and Portland.

What is Boro?

Boro is Japanese folk fabric made up of scrap pieces of cloth and woven together to patch and repair pieces of clothing that were often handed down from generation to generation. The idea of boro was born from the Japanese values of Mottainai or "too good to waste" and Wabi Sabi, "the art of imperfection", during a time in history when Japan closed its ports to foreign goods, causing fabrics like cotton to become extremely precious and rare. Boro patchwork allowed these materials to be saved and repurposed from each generation to the next 

We collaborated with Kiriko to produce these six one-of-a-kind "Boro" pieces to cap off our Bridge & Burn x Kiriko capsule collection and pay tribute to this beautiful traditional textile art.

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Introducing the "Boro" BURN

Waste not, Want not -- To further honor the Boro tradition, we patched together a limited edition BURN sweatshirt incorporating traditional Kasuri-ori Japanese fabric from our Bridge & Burn x Kiriko collection. Manufactured here in Portland by Columbiaknit. 

Available in Men's & Women's sizes.

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