Product Spotlight - Primecut Bags

Bridge & Burn is honored to be one of the select merchants carrying one-of-a-kind bags from Primecut, designed purposefully simple and made by hand here in Portland, Oregon.

Enamored by what is truly distinct, Primecut Bags features the individuality that can only be found in nature. Using material ethically sourced from the U.S., Brazil, and Europe, Primecut takes great pride in selecting the most original patterns and beautiful textures so each bag stands out as the best of its class. And from the rich black coats and creamy white shearlings to the heathered brindle hides, each bag is unquestionably alluring.

For Bridge & Burn, we chose to feature evocative, yet minimalist designs constructed for everyday use that bolster your unique style.


Why do we love Primecut Bags?

In our search for a better bag, we arrived at Primecut, where form and function finally meet. Primecut Bags are committed to exploring the special patterns found in nature, and that philosophy is showcased in their bags as no two are ever alike! From clutch, wallet, cross-body bag, or pouch, each one comes in unique colors and incredible textures, meaning it is made with the highest of standards in materials and aesthetics. 

What makes Primecut special?

With so much in today’s society that is highly processed or disconnected from its origin, Primecut embraces and celebrates what it means to be natural and shaped by the land. Every bag has a unique history and the ability to capture one’s attention by its inherent, distinct beauty. It’s easy to be captivated by the perfectly irregular dappled, flecked, or marbled patterns of the hide or the naturally serried character of the variegating pink and black shearling. This makes for an obvious argument that the best designs are nature’s, formed over thousands of years.

This backpack by Primecut is made from a variety of beige, cream, dusty pink, and black sheepskins. Each patchwork piece is hand-cut, the forms inspired by the sheepskin pieces available, making each bag unique. Shop the backpack.

Primecut Passport Clutch - Rust Cowhide

Primecut Cowhide Clutch
This small clutch by Primecut is handmade of Brazilian cowhide and is designed to fit passports and most phones. Each cowhide piece is one-of-a-kind. Shop the clutch.

Primecut Mini Hobo - Salt and Pepper

Primecut Mini Hobo Bag Salt and Pepper

This mini hobo purse is handmade of Brazilian cowhide and is the perfect size for an everyday carry. Each cowhide piece is completely unique due to the variations and coloring patterns of the cattle. Shop the purse.

Primecut Cardholder - Caramel Speckle

Primecut Passport Clutch Caramel Speckle

This cardholder is designed to hold credit cards and cash, while still being the perfect size to slip in your back pocket or put into a larger bag. Each one is a natural work of art. Shop the cardholder.

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