Product Spotlight - Shuttle Notes

Product Spotlight - Shuttle Notes

Pare down your wardrobe with five classic men’s styles from Shuttle Notes. This 60-year old Japanese brand mills their own textiles combining craftsmanship, unique fabrications, and timeless cuts that perfectly pair with our Bridge & Burn outerwear. Our 5-piece collection includes: a selvedge chambray shirt, an incredibly soft cotton/silk blend crew, two pairs of raw denim in black and indigo, plus a classic white button down.


A mission stamped in to every piece of apparel reads:

"The modern textile industry has lost sight of its purpose: To turn raw fiber into fabrics full of possibility and personality. Details have given way to volume, just as texture and technique have been simplified and rounded off for the sake of mass appeal and efficiency. Advances in machinery have muted fabric's voice making it hard to find a garment with quality and character that can speak for itself.

Our goal isn't to bring back the past, but to create individual fabrics that would lead the industry in any era. Doing so requires a unique and resilient fabrication process, so we've combined an arsenal of restored and customized old-school looms with the most modern in textile technology. Placing the whole history of craftsmanship in concert with the present."


Inspired by the sound created by the shuttle loom. Shuttle Notes Master Cloth starting in 1948 as a textile mill and built a legacy of high-quality weaving and garment-making techniques. By incorporating traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the newest innovative practices and technologies, they have designed a brand that introduces a new and unique style into the modern fashion era, practicing the mantra of NEW FASHIONS OUT OF CLASSIC FABRICATION.