Staff Picks: Ellie, Retail Sales Associate

Staff Picks: Ellie, Retail Sales Associate

This second generation Portlander keeps herself very busy indeed. When she's not charming customers at Bridge & Burn, you will find Ellie at PSU studying for her psychology degree (and eventual Ph.D) in neuroscience, or at OHSU where she researches kids and families dealing with ADHD. But the incredible thing about Ellie is that she knows how to find balance. When she can get away from all this work, you will find her outside - likely prepping for her next half-marathon, riding horseback through vineyards, or when she is feeling particularly free, retreating to a fire tower in Central Oregon with good company, several great books, and copious amounts of wine. Clearly we are a fan of her style inside and out!

P.S. Check out those 40 year old Danner boots! 


Ellie's Picks: 

Ellie shared some of her top picks for Fall 2016: The Spruce "Outsider Edition" Jacket, The Bea Shirt in Coral Dots, Atlas Pants (her favorite!), Ragg Wool Fingerless Gloves, Dia Dea Lariat Necklace and of course those amazing 40 year old Danners (inherited from her mom). 


Meet Ellie: 

Hometown: Portland, OR

Define your style in a sentence: I live and die in comfortable neutral-toned pieces, with the occasional pop of color thrown in.

Favorite spot in Portland: definitely Common Grounds Coffee House on Hawthorne. I've been writing most of my thesis there, so there have been many hours of intense readings spent there.

Best kept secret in Portland: The trails connected to Marquam Park, around OHSU.

Currently watching: Please Like Me, it's a hilarious Australian comedy that deals with serious issues in all the best ways.

Album on repeat: there's no way I can pick just one. "Light Upon The Lake" by Whitney, "The Altar" by Banks, and absolutely anything by Tom Rosenthal, primarily his recent "The Pleasant Trees, Volume 3" have been my constants lately. 

Favorite B&B pieces this season: the cropped Atlas pants

What does being an "Outsider" mean to you? "Despite being raised in the city, I gain restoration from retreating outside city limits into quiet. Whether it be the beach house that my family owned for forty years or my friends' fire tower or the mountain ranges in the south eastern corner of Oregon, I am brought home and revitalized by being in nature. In that way am an Outsider, the existence of being outside of the city normalcy and into the softness of nature is something that centers me."

Photos of Ellie by: Evan Kinkel