The Bridge & Burn Office WFH Round up

The Bridge & Burn Office WFH Round Up

Like so many of you, the Bridge & Burn headquarters team has transitioned to working from home full-time this past week. While we feel so fortunate to be able to work safely while practicing social distance, there is no question that abrupt changes in routine can be hard to navigate and can feel overwhelming. We're a small team that's used to sharing an intimate workspace, and in order to stay connected the past week we've found ourselves sharing our own tips and tricks on how we're keep a sense of normalcy and calm at home when everything feels so out of order. We've enjoyed them so much, we thought we'd share them with our B&B community! 

Read on below to check out what we're doing to transition to full-time WFH and find small ways to spark joy and gratitude each day.


Erik - Founder, Bridge & Burn
I've been using the Waking Up meditation app daily as a way to clear my mind, reduce stress, and ease into a meditation practice. Making a routine out of cooking dinner each night has also been great to get my mind off things. It's important to take a break mentally.



Liesel - Product Development
I've been working from home several days a week since my son was born, so I'm used to this! We take at least an hour-long walk every day, which is especially nice now that the weather is warming up, and stick to a routine so we don't end up in endless weekend mode. 



Saria - Class Clown & Marketing
I'm still getting ready in the morning and drinking a cup of coffee has helped me get started and in the working from home mindset. I live in a one bedroom apartment and turned my living room into a temporary studio to photograph some product, so I've made sure my bedroom and kitchen can be sanctuary away from the mess. During the day I've been taking small breaks outside and calling my friends and family to catch up or play games over FaceTime. I also made a list of things to keep myself occupied for when I'm done with work like clean the drawers, dust off my guitar and relearn how to play some songs, and practice my Spanish! 



Sarah - Operations
Staying hydrated with a plethora of beverages including Kava stress relief tea, sticking to my morning routine, making beautiful spring bouquets on my walks around the neighborhood.


Anna - Operations
I like to start my day with a run with my pup, Curry! I get a lot of joy from cooking and have used the extra time before beginning work to make a fancy breakfast as a way to treat myself. The little things go a long way. Most importantly, I have learned that I must always make brushing my teeth the very first thing I do each day - if I don't do it right when I wake up, 2:00 PM may roll around and my teeth remain unbrushed....



Zoe - Product Development 
Working from home with a 4 year old can be challenging but its helped us to have a set schedule, lots of pre-made snacks, and good tunes playing. 



Ash - Wholesale
I make a point to keep my daily Mon - Fri routine. Get up @ 6:50am (feeling less guilty about hitting the snooze button these past few days), make coffee, meditate, make the bed, shower (sometimes no shower and I indulge being in my robe and pjs till 1pm - WFH perks!). I keep eating routines the same and I break from work just like I'd be signing off for the day. There's something important about keeping my personal rhythm to not get lost in the unknown that's lurking in every other thought (shit is scary out there!). I'm reflecting on this time as the stay-cation I've been wanting and have neglected to take!



Tracey - Marketing
I've been adding a walk with my dog as an event on my calendar every day as a way to force myself to get moving and get some fresh air. It's amazing how you loose track of time when you work alone. Plus, being around my dog and cat always makes me feel better!



Carlin - Operations
Taking 1 hour in the morning before starting work to take a walk while I drink coffee and listen to a (non-news) podcast always sets me up to get started on my work. Also important, making a healthy lunch and drinking lots of sparkling water with fresh citrus to keep me focussed and nourished. With 3 other people in my house working from home, listening to music in my headphones helps me hone in on my work. I took a deep dive into Spotify to find some incredible playlists with songs I haven't heard before. Setting a designated stop time to transition into normal evening activities like cooking, reading and talking with friends helps too.



Phoebe - Graphic Design
I decided to set up a more legitimate desk/work space for myself to establish healthy boundaries between my relaxing space and my working space. Ignoring the fact that I work in my PJs most of the day (no shame in this game), I’ve been trying to maintain an office-like environment by drinking copious amounts of caffeine and talking to myself/dog at great lengths. Of course, a solid walk around the neighborhood with the dog is a must, especially while we have some nice weather. I’ve also tried to keep up with riding my bike since that was my main mode of transportation to work and primary source of exercise. Oh yea, an afternoon beer is also helpful- gotta give yourself a treat at the end of the day!