The Perfect Summer Shirt - Our Lightweight Chambray Button-Up

Summer Organic Cotton Chambray Button Up

Introducing the Perfect Summer Shirt. While building out our retail space in LA last summer, we realized it was time to offer a lightweight shirt for the hotter climates.

We searched high and low until we found the perfect fabric, a lightweight, organic cotton chambray with just a touch of hemp. Not to be confused with denim, where cotton yarns are woven in a twill pattern, chambray's plain weave and higher thread count is what makes the fabric stay crisp and cool in the heat, and the hemp makes it more durable and breathable. Plus it weathers handsomely over time.

Lightweight Summer Chambray Shirt

The breathable fabric and classic cuts of Bridge & Burn’s Summer Chambray Series are guaranteed to keep you comfortable and stylish throughout the summer, whether you’re at the office, hiking into a canyon of titanic spruce and Douglas firs, or waiting on your table to kick-off a boozy Saturday brunch. Bridge & Burn’s lightweight chambray is sure to be your perfect summer shirt.

Summer Chambray Organic Cotton/Linen Shirt

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