Waxed Canvas 5 Panel Hat

Waxed Canvas 5 Panel Hat

waxed canvas 5 panel hat

Hats, especially the waxed canvas 5 panel hat, are great for all seasons whether wet, cold, or sunny. They are the ideal accessory to help protect against harsh weather and keep you warm in style.

Hats have a rich history in men’s fashion and there was a time when only beggars went bareheaded. In fact, up until World War II, a gentleman was not considered properly dressed without a hat. Whether you’re wearing a winter fedora, a fitted beanie, or a classic baseball cap, hats are the perfect topper to any outfit.

As your choice of hats can either make or break the way you look, we have put together a collection of the 5 best men hat styles this season.

The Waxed Canvas 5 Panel Hat

The waxed canvas 5 panel hat is a summertime and wet weather essential that adds to any stylish look. Made of waxed cotton, denim or leather, these caps have a durable character while at the same time providing protection against wind and rain. Waxed Canvas 5 Panel caps are fast becoming a staple accessory for the fashion conscious individual even as it extends its roots further into the urban world of sport through close connections with fishing enthusiasts and, surprisingly, heritage skate brands.

The 5 panel hat as the name implies, consists of only five larger panels with a strap fasten, Velcro or buckle back closure, providing an almost ‘boxed’ look to the cap in contrast to the ever popular ‘snapback’ which generally consists of six constructed stitched panels. Waxed canvas 5 panel hats are waterproof and crafted to stand the test of time by undergoing high-quality construction using heavy-duty waxed canvas or water repel denim for rugged durability and maximum water repellency.

Bridge & Burn Fact: Our waxed canvas 5 panel hat fabric is specifically engineered to be warm yet breathable to help maintain consistent body temperature.


Treated with a Durable Water Repellant Finish and back-laminated so it not only wicks moisture but prevents it from seeping through, keeping you cool and dry on damp walks or wet bike rides. It repels dirt and holds its shape through all-day wear, making it a must-pack for travel. This classic cap will just get better with age.

The Fitted Beanie

The beanie is a small, round and close-fitting knitted hat with a cozy style that makes it one of the most popular silhouettes on the market year-round, due to it being comfortable and easy to wear. Whether paired with chinos or simple jeans and sweatshirt combination on a lazy Saturday, beanies are ideal for weatherproofing your off-duty looks and covering up even the worst hair days. The major appeal of beanies is their versatility as there isn’t really a head shape the beanie doesn’t suit.


Style tip! With the continued focus on streamlined silhouettes and cuts for menswear, it is more prudent to opt for fitted versions of the beanie which fits snug and will form perfectly to your head size rather than the oversized ones, which now look dated.

Fitted beanies are available in almost every pattern, color, and fabric today, so there is a style for every taste and budget. Shop fitted beanie.

The Classical Trilby Fedora

Trilbys are little more than shortened, angular fedoras (sometimes called crumpled fedoras). They have the same crown shape as a fedora, but the brim is smaller than that on a fedora, usually only an inch or so wide. The back is also shorter than the front, creating an angle. To add to the impression of a narrowing angle at the back of the hat, trilbys are typically worn with the brim snapped downward in front and upward at the back.

Our Luke Hat Charcoal Trilby collection features the best accessory for travelers far and wide. With the Yellow108's Luke takes heed from the 20s, 30s, and 40s style when your hat went with you everywhere.

The Trendy Snapback

The snapback is quite similar in look and construction to traditional baseball caps. Snapbacks feature a flat brim and adjustable snaps at the back, which can be used to adjust its diameter. They grew popular as a fashionable alternative to fitted caps which only come in predetermined diameters/sizes. The snapback was seen as a popular choice for rappers and they rose to prominence on the underground music scene.


However, today they are more likely to be spotted on the head of hipsters and casual dressers. As a result of their popularity, there are thousands of designs to choose from currently. Our favorites are those that come in textured fabrics with embroidered patches and minimal branding. Shop enjoy cap.

The Traditional Dad Hat

The dad hat is simply put a baseball cap. A dad hat is usually made of canvas, cotton or wool and has a slightly curved brim and is sometimes a little oversized on the wearer. Within the last four years, dad hats (most often rebranded baseball hats) have begun popping up seemingly out of nowhere, to become a staple of today’s fashion and a must have for any wardrobe.

Dad hats are universally accepted because they don’t need a lot of work to wear successfully. You just need to put it on your head. They aren't even supposed to match your look and can be paired with almost any outfit. We are proud to present the Bridge & Burn's signature B-Flat dad hat in pinch-front cotton.

If you like what you see go ahead and get our waxed canvas 5 panel hat today.

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